jeudi 17 avril 2014

FOOD: Honey

No matter how you start or where you look to do so, Honey seems to be the best thing for us, beauty and health wise.

Today i am talking about food and putting Honey within your diet to make the best of its benefits.

  • It would seem (according to the Journal of the Science of food and agriculture) that honey reduces colds and the flu through its antioxydants.
  • You probably know that since forever but it also is a way of soothing throat sores.
  • The fructose in the composition of honey speeds up the oxydation of ale in your stomack therefore it will help in the morning after a rough night or too much drinking.
  • If you add it to warm milk before going to sleep, it will help you sleep. Honey stimulates insuline which stimulates trypgtophane which makes you sleepy.

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