samedi 12 avril 2014

BLOG: Yoga, 4 Months Later...

Hi everyone, want to start Yoga?!

   For those of you who might have followed both my blog and my videos, you probably know that right after Christmas, I have taken up yoga so I am back with a little check up and a bunch of informations about why, when and how I do it and what it does for me, so let's go right into it!
How I started?
It interested me and I always have had back pains since I had a scoliosis growing up.
I also at times feel very stiff therefore I thought yoga would help. I just went online especially on pinterest and after seeing several routines and videos, I picked one.
Many friends did tell me the problem with yoga is to manage the movements well. Reproducing what you see, as an autodidact, isn't as simple as it sounds. However, I feel like my artistic formation helps a great deal because just like I am able (with moderate success at times) to reproduce something I see on paper, I tend to manage reproducing movements. 

How it makes me feel?
The first session I probably went a bit too hard on myself because I was really sore afterwards. The same way it feels when you start sport again after not practicing for a long time. However I kept on doing it 6 to 5 times a week; doing it everyday would have been too much of a strict routine and to easy to get tired with. It really makes me feel good afterwards and quite worry free. The longer the session, the longer the effect, just the same as endorphines increasing from a classic work out.  I also mixed within my week work outs more cardio oriented.

Is there any physical improvement?
After a few sessions, my body got used to these new movements and began to be easily stretched compared to pre-yoga. Towards the begin, doing yoga, was more of a routine I forced onto myself, but now, very often, it is my body that is asking for it.

Is it painful (since I still have my scoliosis)?
Obviously, I am more aware today of what my body needs and how to stretch out the pain or work the pain. Just the way some people tell you to "walk the pain" when you have a cramp. You can apply the same policy to your entire body when you do yoga. 

Did my routine change?
I use to just do a morning yoga routine. Nowadays, I really have had troubles sleeping. I thought I had a good sleep but it seems I am having a lot of nightmares which makes me easily irritated and tired during the day. I found the Badger Yoga and Meditation Balm and a sleep and back pain oriented yoga routine which are starting to help with sleeping. So my yoga sort of shifted towards nighttime. When I feel like going towards a routine which makes me very tired and which would be done more likely in the morning or during the day, I make sure I have 4 to 3 hours at least before my bedtime.

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