mercredi 9 avril 2014

BLOG & TRAVEL: The Five Places You Want To Visit When Travelling In France

To be honest I started by making this article the "10" places you need to visit and it increased more and more each time. So I just decided to only pick five places if you have to only go there. Little bit of sea, castle and city... Obviously, these are places I visited or lived in or really want to go to and that I hold dear. They often also have a little story of their own.

This Castle, I already spoke of as my favourite of all Châteaux de la Loire.
Along the Loire Valley, are many of the castles of the Kings of France. More than wonderful works of architecture, they each have a spirit of their own.
Chenonceau is a castle of women and housed by them. It is a very beautiful bridge above the Cher river and this gives it an awful lot of personality. I spent more time than many could say in this castle and especially its park with my best friend and it will always be dear to my heart.
It is what dreams are made of.

Cap Ferrat
The French Riviera has always been loved and admired.
In my youth, I spent a few times in Aix en Provence and overall down south during the summer holidays. But I decided to pick the Cap Ferrat that I never saw (that I remember of).
Because I have been to Italy and this place reminds me of it without leaving my country.

Le Petit Trianon (Versailles)

One of my favourite french historical figure is Marie-Antoinette.
Reading her biography might have helped, to be honest, but it is both the person that she was and the traces of her existence which makes her interesting and noteworthy.
When visiting Versailles, you are blown away by so many things and the grandiloquence of the castle and its "direct" gardens. But if you spend some time at the Petit Trianon or at Antoinette's farm, you feel like you are not in the same place and I think the best thing is that, they keep the gardens and kitchen garden alive. Even Nature seems to remind us of the difference which lay in between the Austrian queen and the Sun King.

Le Canal Saint-Martin

Picking a spot in Paris to put here... I live in this wonderful and diverse city.
The choice was difficult but it came naturally. If you come to this place, you will go see the Eiffel Tower, the Opéra Garnier, Notre-Dame, the Champs Elysées and Montmartre but you might forget to take a nice little walk along the canal from République to Bastille or even higher.
I never had went there up until three years ago but I highly recommend it, though I love the Rive Gauche (the other side of the Seine ).


My sea. Though I keep myself from giving you my life's story, I can tell you that if I was to spend more time in the mediterranean sea rather than the atlantic according to my roots but it wasn't so.
When I was but a young girl, my parents became keen to go to Brittany for a few days during the summer holidays. And though we might have went more times in Carnac, Quiberon really was the prettiest town of all.

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