mardi 15 avril 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #11

Hi everyone,
I felt like today was a day to give you one of my "Pintereselection". 
I have had a long and interesting day fighting about a new computer and I don't know about you but I personally love to go around Pinterest and take a look at things I like, places I would like to go and  work on planning projects even work wise by making it a good brainstorming wall.
A little bit of Nevada
I feel like I was on this road one day
whilst driving through so many "Bad Lands"
that they end up looking the same and
when you come from Paris they look sometimes
just as pretty as National Parks.
Two very "cool" actresses in their own styles,
on the set of Atonement.
Do I need to say more...
Corinne Michael West (1908 - 1991) 
Abstract Expressionist painter, poet,
actress and writer by Jon Boris - 1930
Inspiring young woman right there.
To my sense, the best historical figure
up to whom young women should look:
Alienor d'Aquitaine.
The art of "becoming" a Geisha.
Do you ever look at a map of a place
you have already visited and follow with
your eyes the paths you took, to feel this feeling
you had while being their...?
So that is an idea for a skydiving helmet...
Beautiful Blues, Nature as always
is just the most magnificent of artists.
Is it Easter soon???

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