dimanche 13 avril 2014

BLOG: My "Madeleine de Proust"

We have plenty of little things we love and which make us happy. Some perfumes I own remind me of a place I liked, some images of moments in my past that I cherish...No matter how many "non-judgemental" people told me about me liking period dramas, Jane Eyre, Gilmore Girls, classic books, shabby chic & baroque home decor and afternoon teas, amongst other things. For those of you completely oblivious of whom the Gilmore girls were:    They are a daughter and mother from a little town in Connecticut named Stars Hollow. Their main particularity being that Lorelai has had her child when she was 16 making her a very young mother and a bit childish at times. Other the other hand, the daughter, Rory, though she is a shy young woman, is very mature and aware of things. i somehow ended up relating an awful lot with Lorelai's character which is probably why I like this show so much and in such a way.
Life is tricky and difficult. It really doesn't matter how chill you are, you just have to do things you don't want to do to achieve whatever you feel like doing. And I am not going to lie. It is not always easy, a karma way to tap your back once you make it to the top of the mountain. The little things keep me going and put on my face in the morning in stade of staying in bed.

 The Proust Madeleine is a life metaphor for these elements, things, objects and what else reminding us of some memory. In "In Search O f Lost Time", the narrator mentions eating a "madeleine", a type of butter cookie very tender and soft which is often given to kids. When he bites into it, he remembers what it was when he did the same being a child.

Gilmore Girls is one of those "madeleine". At times, I really don't feel like watching it (just like period drama) and some other times, I just make myself a teapot, grab a quilt and seat and sip through an entire season, to the point when my brain aches.

I watched this show directly on dvd, which in France means directly in the right language and it also means I directly got the "real" message for once. Not that the message in this show is particularly difficult or better translated in english than french but it was what had been written and played. And it also was the first series I got to watch on my own and to pick on my own (without my parents).
Silly as it may seem all of that, makes it a show I feel "comfortable" watching, just as if I was reading a good book.

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