samedi 19 avril 2014

BEAUTY: Lush Products for Summer and Mothers

Here is my little  selection of products which I got last time I went to Lush. Some are the Mothers Day specials or my personal old Faithfuls that I get when I want to get myself a sure awesome bath treat.
Rose is one of the Mothers day items. It smells lovely without
being the classic old rose scent but more like the Morrocan Rose fragrance.
Honey I Washed My Kid is a soap I really enjoy using, it must
be the third time I got a piece of it.
It is very creamy and you really feel clean and smooth after using it.
You Snap The Whip is their best buttery scrub bar.
I love the scent of blueberries and the exfoliation is good
without scrapping your body off.
Yuzu and Cocoa is my favourite thing to have melting within my bath.
It smells like coconut and it gives a nice foaming aspect to your bath,
nothing especially yellow or orange but cute.
Hello Sweetie package assembles two of my favourites products,
the shower jello smells brilliant (fruity and floral) and Rockstar soap
is a classic, very distinctive sugary scent
 which still feels natural and girly.

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