jeudi 24 avril 2014

BEAUTY : Hema Skincare

Today, I am coming back at you with another article about Hema skincare products. If you have been following me for a while you already know about Hema and how much I enjoy what you can find over there.
Their products are perfect for everyday use and tend to be quite cheap.

Although I did not like their entire make up line, I have to say that regarding the skincare products I bought from them, I have really happy. The products are doing a good job and they are significantly cheaper than their equivalent on the market.
Let's start with their Night Cream.
They don't have millions of different lines.
From what I saw , it is mainly this line I am mentioning here, "It's my
Beautiful Skin Day" and their anti-aging line
 which is more expensive and  in a prettier, fancier packaging.
I personally use night cream every night so if the product is good and
does the job, I am fine with a sober packaging.
It came with a safety seal which has to be noted for a three euros product.

The scent of it is very fresh and close
to the classic pharmaceutical fragrances.
The product itself is of a thick consistency
and penetrates the skin fairly fast.
In the morning, my skin felt hydrated and
 replenished without an excess of sebum
Once again, from their line for any skin type comes
this serum which is mainly hyaluronic acid as it
is stated on the packaging.
This serum contrary to other ones I have had before
is not clear but white.
Other than that, it penetrates instantly, smells pleasant,
nothing special, just fresh and clean.
It really helps keeping my skin hydrated all day and
feels like it is making it smoother.
I have tried many of their shampoos,
 if not every single one I found at my Hema.
However, in regard to my psoriasis and
stressed out nature, I feel like this one definitely
does it for me.
The shampoo for dry and damaged hair is
soft and caring for my scalp.
I don't feel the irritation while using it,
which is quite a relief.
Its scent is almond like though I could
not determine for sure which fragrance they used.

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