mercredi 30 avril 2014

READ: Librivox

Roaming around all of the several social networks, I heard and saw quite a lot about a "listening" application which read books for you: Audible.
Obviously, following my first instinct, I fast became against it. I feel like the real experience of reading a book comes from the quite simple act of reading.
 However, I decided to "investigate". Though I enjoy my new books, I tend to think many classics are new to me all the same and I wouldn't mind having these read to me.
When Audible is an application you need to pay for and log onto, Librivox is a free application with recordings of works of the public domaine. Every single chapter is really defined by a message from the reader  with hie or her name and the reminder if the free aspect of the work they are reading out loud.
For a long time, I have been listening to the books online directly but I just took a trip for around 5 hours so I used the downloading option and i loved it.Time does fly when you are listening to classics.

mardi 29 avril 2014

TRAVEL: First Day in Bouloc

     Today was not a jumping day due to the weather who decided to rainy. So I am hanging in the lounge by the huge central fireplace.
However, the first and most important change you feel when arriving to Bouloc from Paris, is Nature.
So more than words, here are a few glimpse of a fresh and green nature:

lundi 28 avril 2014

BEAUTY: The Reds by Tanya Burr Nail Polishes

Though this season is all about the mint greens, coral and purples, 
when it comes to nails, red is always good and awesome.
I love the Tanya Burr's Collection so I wanted to write a little about 
Riding Hood is a rich dark red.
It is very classic very professional looking.
 Allied to a bright red lip, it looks like 
a very good extra touch to an outfit and a style.
Mischief Managed on the other hand is a true red, fire truck, in your face 
type of red which really works for a more joyful tone and 1950's pin up girl style.

dimanche 27 avril 2014

BLOG: Making Sense Of It All

La Sorbonne
 Nowadays, many young souls go to university.
 As you might already know, I am one of them. 
You learn so many things that you unlearn on the way to the different degrees.
 There is one thing though,that you probably already notice I lack of and it is a way to assort my words to get my message through.
I dreamed of becoming an author one day but quite obviously that previously stated issue might be an handicap.
One the numerous Libraries
When I was in high-school, I had a history teacher who would tease me about it,
at least once a month but he was dramatically right.
Even when I happened to have the ideas I never seemed to shape them the right way.
My words are too numerous and it makes my message fuzzy and "crowded", overwhelming.
Up to today, I still have no idea how to write about a specific topic properly.
However, if there is one thing I can do, it is creative writing.
I always wrote stories and they always made sense to the few people nice enough to read them.
As soon as there is room left to imagination, I am your writer.

samedi 26 avril 2014

FOOD in Paris: Breakfast In America

I don't know where to begin because this is no average place for me. And, believe me when I tell you will remember this place all throughout my life.
We have history together. However, it is one of my adresses in Paris.

I would not advice you to go there for Sunday brunch. Food is very nice but the line isn't fun and not short at all. Just go on a week day to enjoy american food: cheese fries, milkshake, pancakes, burgers and their breakfast burrito which is my big brother's favourite.
The place has a nice feel to it.

From Monday through Saturday, they serve breakfast and burgers and the entire menu.
Sunday is a special brunch up to 4 pm and than the week's menu is on again.
Open everyday from 8:30 am to 11 pm

17 rue des Ecoles 
75005 Paris
Métro: Cardinal Lemoine or Jussieu
Tel: 01 43 54 50 28

vendredi 25 avril 2014

FASHION: Selection: Big Silver & Small Gold

Though fantasy colourful jewellery is big right now the classic gold and silver is a basis.
Silver pieces tend to look very good when they a design oriented and thick.

The golden pieces though look amazing when they are all tiny and elegant.

jeudi 24 avril 2014

BEAUTY : Hema Skincare

Today, I am coming back at you with another article about Hema skincare products. If you have been following me for a while you already know about Hema and how much I enjoy what you can find over there.
Their products are perfect for everyday use and tend to be quite cheap.

Although I did not like their entire make up line, I have to say that regarding the skincare products I bought from them, I have really happy. The products are doing a good job and they are significantly cheaper than their equivalent on the market.
Let's start with their Night Cream.
They don't have millions of different lines.
From what I saw , it is mainly this line I am mentioning here, "It's my
Beautiful Skin Day" and their anti-aging line
 which is more expensive and  in a prettier, fancier packaging.
I personally use night cream every night so if the product is good and
does the job, I am fine with a sober packaging.
It came with a safety seal which has to be noted for a three euros product.

The scent of it is very fresh and close
to the classic pharmaceutical fragrances.
The product itself is of a thick consistency
and penetrates the skin fairly fast.
In the morning, my skin felt hydrated and
 replenished without an excess of sebum
Once again, from their line for any skin type comes
this serum which is mainly hyaluronic acid as it
is stated on the packaging.
This serum contrary to other ones I have had before
is not clear but white.
Other than that, it penetrates instantly, smells pleasant,
nothing special, just fresh and clean.
It really helps keeping my skin hydrated all day and
feels like it is making it smoother.
I have tried many of their shampoos,
 if not every single one I found at my Hema.
However, in regard to my psoriasis and
stressed out nature, I feel like this one definitely
does it for me.
The shampoo for dry and damaged hair is
soft and caring for my scalp.
I don't feel the irritation while using it,
which is quite a relief.
Its scent is almond like though I could
not determine for sure which fragrance they used.

mercredi 23 avril 2014

BEAUTY: Cacao Butter Self Tanning Moisturizer by Palmer's

People would tell you I am not the self tanner type of girl which is probably obvious to you as I am using a lotion and a gradual self tanner. The very first one I bought was the Jergens Natural Glow in 3 days and I really loved the stuff but it cannot be found in France and tricky to find online. Here is my substitute.

I found it on Feel Unique and I really bought it on a whim. This lotion smells like chocolate when you apply it. For my first time I applied it three mornings in a row on my legs, after my shower. I did not over exfoliate my legs in shower during this time. The first day, they turned a bit darker but it was not really strong, applying the following really made them golden and nice looking.

The fragrance turns into the same "bread" like scent as the one I experienced with Jergens Natural Glow so I couldn't say if this is the "tanner" scent but I really enjoy it.

I now always tanned the rest of my body and I really recommend this product, as I already said, I don't know if it is the best or the worse to other people who would use a lot of different tanners.

mardi 22 avril 2014


Do you enjoy music?
I know I do and though the people who know me would tell you I am a tad old school when it comes to knowledge, I can tell you that I am also a very common young lady.
My favourite music overall whilst still being very found of of many artists, is Mozart's. His melodies resonate. One movement, one melody being echoed and made bigger and bigger or more and more complicated and you have the most classical of classical music.
Many think that Beethoven is too grandiloquent and Bach too dreary. I think they might just be more "difficult". But, what makes Mozart so special is that his music, at least many of his melodies speak to any human being. We couldn't count how many kids, toddlers even, hum "Twinkle Twinkle" before they even speak.
With Amadeus, we learn more about a man behind a myth but the genius is left untouched. If anything, the soundtrack of this motion picture is amazing and a phenomenal overview of all the successes of the maestro.

lundi 21 avril 2014

FRAGRANCE: Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermès

Things don't always happen on their own. You have to make them happen therefore I highly recommend you to check this perfume out. It is to me spring and summer in a bottle. Un Jardin sur Le Toit by Hermès is part of a Jardins collection ( Un Jardin après la Mousson, Un Jardin sur le Nil and Un Jardin en Méditerranée).

Once again, in my long list of fragrances that I established on this Blog, this is a unisex perfume which makes even more dear to me.
A scent which has been created for both women and men makes it more precious and immediately gives it a timeless dimension. When I  use it, I have to say I would think it is more a female fragrance but only because of its fruity and fresh scent. Quite obviously this perfume has something of the grass and tree notes to it and this makes its particularity and charm.

dimanche 20 avril 2014

HOME: My New Office Computer Samsung

Today, I am sot of giving you a review of my latest office "change".
I am an old school type of person. if it wasn't for other people in my life, I would probably write this blog on a typewriter. And yes, I do know this might sound extremely paradoxal. 

What I mean by that is that I am really not up for change. I am not reluctant to it and when it is need it, I am completely for it but when it comes to my working tools and set up, I like to rely on things. However, my old 9 year old I Mac, which by the way still turns on, was starting to be a tad useless. Updating it became very tedious lately and it cannot download or upload anything anymore... 
If you are even remotely interested in computers, you will understand that , this, is not per say a good thing.
So I have been thinking of getting a new desk computer which , by the way also shows how "old school" I am once more. I feel like today's thing is laptops and I understand completely. I also have a laptop that I can carry around everywhere I lay my head but once i am home, writing an article a day, editing 3 videos a week and putting items up on the shops, a desktop computer is very comfortable and practical. 

My new baby is Samsung ATIV One 5 Style. To be honest, I love this computer except that I am more of a Macintosh girl so it is a little adaptation for the Windows 8 and entire windows system to be honest because the last system i have been using was Windows 98 when I was studying engineering. 
I highly recommend it and I also think it looks very cool.

samedi 19 avril 2014

BEAUTY: Lush Products for Summer and Mothers

Here is my little  selection of products which I got last time I went to Lush. Some are the Mothers Day specials or my personal old Faithfuls that I get when I want to get myself a sure awesome bath treat.
Rose is one of the Mothers day items. It smells lovely without
being the classic old rose scent but more like the Morrocan Rose fragrance.
Honey I Washed My Kid is a soap I really enjoy using, it must
be the third time I got a piece of it.
It is very creamy and you really feel clean and smooth after using it.
You Snap The Whip is their best buttery scrub bar.
I love the scent of blueberries and the exfoliation is good
without scrapping your body off.
Yuzu and Cocoa is my favourite thing to have melting within my bath.
It smells like coconut and it gives a nice foaming aspect to your bath,
nothing especially yellow or orange but cute.
Hello Sweetie package assembles two of my favourites products,
the shower jello smells brilliant (fruity and floral) and Rockstar soap
is a classic, very distinctive sugary scent
 which still feels natural and girly.

vendredi 18 avril 2014

HEALTH & BEAUTY: How to go through the day after a bad night.

   Last night, was pretty bad. Forgetting to go to bed because you play a game or read a book too good to put down is one thing. It is a complete other problem when you simply can't seem to fall asleep.

   The thing about the two first "issues" is that you can still stay in bed a little longer. The quality of your sleep won't be change if you stay in bed. Personally, when going to bed last night, I was truly exhausted. My eyes were crying, i started to get a small fever and the blood was pounding at my temples. To answer any interrogations, No, I am not currently sick otherwise.

   We all have a lot on our minds. Sometimes it has to do with our future (when you are young), the stability of our situation (once a grown up) and the security within our situation (closer to retirement). Basically we all have important things on our minds. However, when you tend to have many difficult nights, they start to just be due to your brain not being willing to shut down.

This particular night was one of those.

   Personally, I find it quite helpful to follow basic little "rules" when my sleep is playing tricks on me which help me going about my day a tad better.

   On those nights, do not forget to apply both serum, eye cream and night cream. You will most certainly won't look your best when getting up so let's try to put something on your side.
   The feeling can be the one of a very bad hangover/ drunk moment (yes, that is how better it can feel, and it also will probably during the night and the next day).Your body aches and your brain does too which is not the nicest combo on earth.
   Do the same in the morning skincare wise but I personally would either avoid make up entirely or limit it to the bare minimum, so that you can put your hands on your face or eyes. I know ladies don't do that but I am not sure what becomes of these manners within sleep depravation.

   Food wise try to keep it light without forget slow sugars which will help your brain throughout this "long "day to come. And load up on vitamin C, it can only help. Keep your activity basic and work as well as you can in regard to your condition. Doing a great job is one thing, but if you haven't slept (for those same reasons I am talking about), doing a good might do for today.

   Once again, I am not a professional and sleep is very important. If you feel terrible and you have no answers, do talk to your doctor about it because though many thing influence you; without sleep, you literally can't do anything.

Hope my little tips will help some of you and I also hope many of you have good nights of sleep.

jeudi 17 avril 2014

FOOD: Honey

No matter how you start or where you look to do so, Honey seems to be the best thing for us, beauty and health wise.

Today i am talking about food and putting Honey within your diet to make the best of its benefits.

  • It would seem (according to the Journal of the Science of food and agriculture) that honey reduces colds and the flu through its antioxydants.
  • You probably know that since forever but it also is a way of soothing throat sores.
  • The fructose in the composition of honey speeds up the oxydation of ale in your stomack therefore it will help in the morning after a rough night or too much drinking.
  • If you add it to warm milk before going to sleep, it will help you sleep. Honey stimulates insuline which stimulates trypgtophane which makes you sleepy.

mercredi 16 avril 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: 3 Days To Kill

So what about Amber?
The first thing two of my friends told me when I said I saw the movie, which none of them had seen, was "so Amber?!" and to be honest, I really enjoy seeing beautiful women on screen but I found her more attractive with her "normal" hair and make up at the very start of the film.
...But yes, if you are into sexy Bond girls, check this movie out, she and her outfits are quite something.

I went to see this movie couple of weeks ago. 
I didn't have any expectations and to be honest I didn't even pay much attention to the trailer...
Well, I like to have a good time at the cinemas and I really did.

Let's just say an old agent kills people again, under the orders of a very sexy looking woman, and bounds with his teenage daughter.

THAT is the movie pitch. But it does not make it a bad movie, far from it.
The secondary characters are nicely done and allow very funny scenes in the middle of the scenery which,without being dramatic has its sad moments.

To me, it is a well done action movie with the Luc Besson (Nikita, The Professional) vibe.
The relationship father/daughter is the "different" element but otherwise,
sexy girls, big guns, lots of killing, bad guys out of a James Bond movie, funny sidekicks (especially a cars dealer) and Kevin Costner:
I was happy after watching the movie that day.