samedi 22 mars 2014

READ: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

When a book is banned, sometimes it means that the message it is delivering is far too extreme and that it is simply not acceptable to let it be in anyone's hands. And sometimes it is because society feels like whatever this writer did makes it wrong to publish his work though it is brilliant.The second case applies here.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray is a pure classic. By this, I mean that the story is so powerful that it feels like it is a myth.

To brush you the story overall, Dorian Gray is a spectacularly handsome young man quite innocent of the way of the world of whose portrait is going to be painted by Basil Hallward. His own beauty surprises him. Dorian then because friends with Lord Henry, a friend of Basil, with big ideas and a man of the world.

This is the tale of lost innocence and complete fall in horrific actions. It also is the statement that, often one does not get brought to life with evil in his heart but one becomes a monster. How on earth could that be an interesting read? If you lay your hand on this book, you will not put it done until you are done. I think that might be another explanation of why it has been censored. Of course, many books deal with terrible insensitive characters who are selfish through their every moves. In this case, it is different. You really feel like a voyeur facing something o so wrong. Our brains are probably thinking that being pure and beautiful looking doesn't allow things like the ones Dorian Gray does.

This is a very Edgar Allan Poe type of tale with a story that has a fantastic aspect. Even if there is a significant part relayed by the supernatural in this book, it feels like the supernatural is a vision of his soul alone. If you feel like you don't understand a word of what I wrote above, you are right to think I am odd, but just please do read this book which is vert short but non the less striking.

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