lundi 10 mars 2014

READ: My Point... And I Do Have One by Ellen Degeneres

As I said several times, I love to walk around Boulevard Saint Michel. This, obviously makes me very common and also makes me happy, because I often end up at Boulinier which is a couple of second hand bookshop near the Fontaine Saint Michel. And in general, even when I am online, I go for the secondhand versions of the books. 

I am one of those who thinks it adds something to the book. Many pencil marks would you say if you don't approved of my practice but the name of someone on top right hand corner of the first page or the slight scent of cold tobacco and paper. 

Anyhow. It just so happens that I bought myself, one of my first novel in english in this bookshop. It was My Point...And I Do Have One by Ellen Degeneres whom to be honest I did not know at all at the time.

It is a very funny book which speaks to everyone and which is sort of making fun of human behaviours in different places and circonstances. Whether you feel that you like her or not, it really makes for a fun and interesting read. Because as always, when people smile at the quirks of life and of other people, it makes you reflect one yourself. Even when the subject is talked about in a fun and amusing fashion.

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