samedi 15 mars 2014

READ: Jane Eyre

    How do you write about your favorite book? I don't really know. To tell you how much I like this book i would have to tell you that I even thought about doing my master's Mémoire on it if not even my Thesis on a comparative study including this work though it has already been read in every way possible by all the literature doctors of our time.
   The story is fairly simple and the art of Charlotte Brontë lies in  the characters and their views of the world and the different casts in society.

   Jane Eyre is an orphan who gets taken "care" of by her aunt, Mrs Reed. Her aunt and her children mistreated Jane terribly. She is sent to a gloomy and very strict orphanage. Part of the book takes place there, in Lowood where Jane Eyre spends many years then, comes Thornfield and a governess job and, most importantly, Mr Rochester.

   I know that thanks to movies mainly, of all literature, it would seem the ideal man is Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. However, since the very first time I read Jane Eyre (I must have been 10); I have been intrigued by Edward Rochester and growing older, I happened to fall in love with this fictional character. Mr Darcy is well defined and though the very first idea given of this man is wrong, he is a modern Prince Charming. Mr Rochester is not a prince. He is strong but weakened by many elements that even he, cannot get a grasp on.

   I think many young women should read the Sisters Brontë's works but my heart is set on Jane Eyre. For some reason, I have been reading this book every Christmas for around 10 years. I do enjoy books that have worn out with me. i know the words which resonate before I even read them. No matter how many screen versions I am brought to see, I am somehow happy that the vision seating in the back of my head of the characters is still mine and unchanged.
   Nowadays women are not fully the equals of men and we still have to celebrate a Woman's Day, The most inspiring self-made woman and feminist I ever read about is Jane Eyre.

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