mardi 4 mars 2014

READ: Going Solo by Roald Dahl

When I was 13, a teacher has had the very good idea of making me read another style of Roald Dahl. I know many people out there, maybe yourself, have read Boy. Going Solo happens to be a sequel for that book. 
It is part of the author life once more but when he is going abroad with the Royal Air Force. He is meeting the strangest of british people but as it is stated several time throughout the book, that is what immigration does to people. It would seem that when the English are in the colonies, they are just unbelievable. 
It makes for a refreshing list of odd encounters with even odder characters. I highly recommend this book to anybody who loved Roald Dahl growing up.And if I could add a recommendation, for the bravest ones out there, are his short stories. They have a very strong Edgar Allan Poe vibe and are well done. If you are not into this sort of literature, grab Matilda or The Twits, it always makes for an entertaining read.

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