vendredi 7 mars 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Saving Mr Banks

Two days ago, as soon as it came out in France, we went out and saw Saving Mr Banks. I love Disney, just like many people, and I really was excited to see a movie with two actors I really like and about a movie I truly enjoyed.
For twenty years, Walt Disney tried to have the rights to make his version of Mary Poppins from its writer, Mrs Travers. As she happens to not make any money anymore, therefore, saying yes to Mr Disney would be her salvation. However, she does not want her book to be touch or altered without her very close and annoying supervision. 
The movie is a sort of explanation on why Mrs Travers was such a pain to Walt disney and his staff during the making of Mary Poppins. It adds a significant depth to the story which, to my sense, makes it much more special. This is a very good movie about people and about the way to deal with memories.

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