mercredi 19 mars 2014

HOME: Make your little nature spot!

    Even if you live in the city, in an appartement, and you are on a budget; Nature is important. If anything you need a plant in your place. With the warmer month coming up, I love to pick a few nice plants and seeds and try to make a nice little spot. Plus, each time I work with plants, for some silly reason it makes me feel like forgetting about everything and just how big and beautiful the world is.

A new little Pixie in my collection.
This one is very close to be my favourite.
Blue bells for my grand father's memory.
I will try to take good care of those
and luckily they might spread to the entire large pot.
Lavender is for my mum and even more for my nose though this
truly is the tiniest patch of lavender I have ever seen.
I am going out tomorrow to find it a bigger pot anyways,
so that it could spread.
I bought her two years ago, when I first laid out
a nice little patch of flowers on this window sill.
She lost her colors but still keeps my plants in good shape.
No matter out I just never had any plants
that made it as well as roses.
They are strong little things, those are.
Spring is in! Let's get a drink "en térasse"!

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