lundi 17 mars 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #9

I love Kurt and this quote is really good. 
Thinking of getting one of these Trompe-l'oeil curtains.
Trompe-l'oeil reminds me of my Beaubourg years because, right
next to the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris modern art museum,
his a building with a few windows walled up and that
have been painted on. To be completely honest, I am not
sure the paintings are still the same, however that is what I think of
when I see trompe-l'oeil in Paris or like these curtains.
Following my mother's footsteps, I love turquoise.
Amongst the numerous times, I went
 into native americans territories, I always got some.
And I feel like it is a special stone
 next to Lapis Lazuli. 
That time again Jean-Paul Gaultier made a piece
of art in fashion form. This has all the right
 to belong in a museum.
Always, and never think you are "loosing" your time.
Your time is yours to dispose of. No one
will live your life for you.
There was a time, not day passed by I wouldn't
lay my eyes on this beautiful face. So books and pictures,
I feel like looking at a friend.

Blueberry Cheesecake

- 300 gr de Philadelphia - 20 gr de crème fraiche épaisse - 80 gr de sucre
- 1 oeuf + 1 jaune
- 1 oeuf + 1 jaune - 1 oeuf + 1 jaune- 3 gr de Maïzena
- 125 gr Myrtilles ou une barquette

- 175 gr gr de Spéculoos - 50 gr de beurre demi-sel
- 6 cercles en métal 6 cm de diamètre 

A character so cute in Love & Other Disasters:
Emily Jackson "Jacks"
To Make...

I don't know much about beauty but it probably
starts with mousseline.

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