dimanche 23 mars 2014

BLOG: My New Collection: Skydive Runes!!!!!

I always made items for my shop but this time, I have decided to follow a theme. This summer collection is the Skydive Runes. They are a line of necklaces with stone and earthy types of pendants showing a closing pin for parachute. Such a small thing that is. The small thing which keeps it altogether and inside. I hope you will like the collection. I started by posting 9 of them on Etsy. If you like them, then there will be more and diverse ones.
1: Oval Deep Purple Necklace #Fun Runes#
2: Square Deep Purple Necklace #Fun Runes#
Square Blue Water Necklace #Fun Runes#
I you know anyone with a passion or who simply likes skydive, this is the gift for them. Though it might look odd to an outsider, the closing pin for anyone who ever folded a parachute is a very important piece and quite a piece of work as well when you come to the end of your folding process.
Oval Golden Necklace #Stone Runes#
Square red & Rust Necklace #Stone Runes#
1: Oval Taupe Necklace #Stone Runes#
2: Oval Clay Necklace #Stone Runes#
The collection is around two types of pendants. The "stones" and the "funs".
The "stones" are made with a hard ceramic and the "funs", with polymer clay. The necklaces themselves are either natural organic cotton threads held together with metallic clasps or fabric covered wires, chains or leather thread.
Diamond Taupe Necklace #Stone Runes#
Ultimate Darkness Necklace #Stone Runes#
Hope you enjoy my work.

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