jeudi 27 mars 2014

BLOG: Inspiration and Obstination

   Hey everyone, today I decided to give you a little bit i-of a stream of consciousness meaning private joke with my buddy from la Sorbonne there :). However I have now been writing or posting a little something everyday for 7 months on this blog and as you are probably aware, it does not always come easily. Some weeks, I had to repress the need to post more than once a day but lately, as it became an habit and it organized itself rather well.
   For those of you who would be able to read my articles in french, you might not know this but ever since I was little girl was to create and write. I never was especially good at school.

   Overall, everything I got in life, up to this point at least, comes from my obstination. Looking back there are many things I wouldn't do the same way. But there is one thing sure, all of the things I got after working my ... off and obtained in the end, I would do again. Even if now that I am, let's say it, a grown-up I realized very fast that the game that is life is you taking the extra step or the opportunity and giving all you have for it. The way things happened, life, jobs, friends, girlfriends & boyfriends... All of this, I wanted at one point and, the only thing is that everything changed but my will to do what I want to do.
   If you are young and you feel like you are being trapped in a situation, your life has many stages to come. Find the courage, which you have no matter how much buried, to make the changes or to go through. Whether you agree or not, it is true that "Dreams don't work unless you do".

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