mardi 11 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Wonderful In Waikiki by Stila

Spring is here and I felt like getting and reviewing for you this palette by Stila called Wonderful In Waikiki. I have been to Hawaii twice, over ten years ago and once more five years ago and I loved the place. In my mind, next to San Diego, this is the place for sun and holiday, therefore quite obviously it is time to use this palette which is dominated by coral shades. 

It counts 4 eye shadows, a blush and a bronzer.
The first eye shadow Wahine (top left hand corner) is perfect as a highlight or a golden base
or even as a unique shade to put all over your eyelid with mascara
 (and maybe eyeliner) for those days you 
don't want to overload your look. It is a metallic sand tint.

The second shade Sarong (top right hand corner) is a metallic copper color which might
be tricky to wear if you are as pale as I am but not impossible. 
In the crease or on the top of the lid, this shadow can give some edge to the
look that you are trying to achieve.

Thirdly, comes Coconut which is this brown chestnut sort of color.
 It is a classic and would work very well on the outside corner 
or applied along the lash line. You could also create a type of smoky with it which 
would be faded with Wahine to obtain a very earthy shade.

Finally, Surf is the most special and original shade from this palette. 
A vibrant mat sea blue to apply to get some edge or 
on the bottom lash line to recall the sea.

The eye shadows are fairly pigmented (nothing extraordinary) and very nice to apply. 
All three metallic shades have golden shimmers. 

Both the blush and bronzer have a very velvety (almost creamy to the touch) texture.
North Shore, the blush, is a deep coral shade with micro shimmers and very close
shade wise to the bronzer in the palette.
Hanauma Bay, a dark bronzer with micro shimmers, which has
an orange undertone which you can easily see on the swatches:
Hanauma Bay (bronzer),  North Shore (blush)
Eye Shadows: Surf, Coconut, Sarong, Wahine

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