mardi 18 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Review

Today, as I came back from the nicest walk around, I received a nice and big package from Feel Unique. There were some goodies I will talk to you about soon but let's start off with this. I took a nice bath with those and moisturized with body lotion which came with it so let's go right into it:
Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden
The bath float really makes your bath water "soothing" just like
bath bar does and it smells like spices and herbs (very natural).
The body wash is nice and efficient and leaves your
skin very soft and smooth.
This is a very "soft" scrub, it doesn't hurt your skin
so I wouldn't advice you to get it for a truly energetic
exfoliation but more to clean off the day.
This bath soak turns your water into a creamy, almost "milky"
texture which really makes you feel treasured and cocooned,
it is overall my favorite product of the line and once again,
the scent is a tad of lavender and natural garden smells which
really help after a long day and working.
To make it perfect, I would use some bath slats to get rid of your
lactic acid, even more on the days your over worked and/or worked out.
To finish off after your bath, using their body lotion keeps you
 in this soothing mood, through the scent of it and your skin staying elastic.

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