dimanche 2 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Let's Erase Yesterday

Sometimes you wake up and you are so tired you face decided to retire. Some little basics and tricks can really help with that. We always want to look good but the One Recipe does not apply to all problems. 

The face gets pale and grey, this is the only time it is a good idea to go for pink if you have a tendency to redness like me. It works also when I am sick or that I have a bad headache which turns me into a legit zombie or even more transparent skin than I already am.

The eyes are not your friends when it comes to looking tired or not. 
If they are puffy, apply something cold on them at least 5 minutes.
For blue under eye circles, use a yellow concealer, contour cream to make sure it counter balances the tint of blue of your eye bags.
AVOID dark eye shadows which tend to make your eyes look smaller and do not use too much eye shadow anyways: the less you wear, the lighter and brighter your look will be.

My Advices 
(what works for me)

Use only 1 eye shadow with a little bit of shimmer and which is close to your complexion but a tad lighter. The best is to get a "bright" primer or a cream eye shadow because you won't even get the heaviness produced by powder products.

Eyebrows are the frame of your face and such a way to put things together within a look.
Don't draw them too hard or severe but brush them and fix them with eyebrow gel to define your features better. When you are tired, you can look "blurry" so a bit more definition and make up helps majorly.

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