lundi 31 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Lavender Set by Crabtree & Evelyn

This is my first article on this brand: Crabtree and Evelyn but definitely not the last. 

This set I got for my mother but I did need to give a few pictures of. I will probably get you three more detailed reviews this week or the next on three other lines of theirs. But let's talk a little about this Lavender one.

In this beautiful magnetic set, you get a bath and shower gel, a body lotion and a age defining hand cream.
The fragrance isn't just Lavender but also violet and musk, which makes even more soothing and agreeable than the scent of raw lavender which can get overwhelming.
If you live in Paris, you still have quite a while to wait until mother's day and This would really make a cute present.

dimanche 30 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Figs & Rouge Lip Balms

As some of you may already know, I have been using Feel Unique only until recently and I ended up addicted... to the limit of my wallet. However here are items that really won't ruin you and that I really enjoy. I love my lip balms but if they don't do the job properly, I am a tuff critic.
This one is colored and very lemony.
It doesn't feel as nourishing as the Coco Vanilla
but it is more energetic and fun for the day than
 the "comfy" caramel fragrance of the other one.
I actually got this one first and it is awesome,
very nourishing except that the scent of caramel.
Here is my Lip Balms video

samedi 29 mars 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #10

This one is a VERY girly one!
The perfect little outfit for a warm summer day.
The cutest little cup.
What I think each time I see that movie.
Summer festival look.
Spring Cherry tree Manucure.
Paris Breakfast
Beautiful and witty print and design there.
People really can do wonders
with the tiniest of terrasses.
I definitely look forward to be able
 to that much with my place.
Too late, but I would have loved to have had one of these items.
The loveliest of watch.

vendredi 28 mars 2014

FRENCH: Grosse Fatigue

    Il n’y a pas de définition réelle du temps qui passe. Mais si quelque chose est certain c’est qu’avec le temps qui passe : on apprend en bien, en mal, en avant, en arrière, en long, en large et en travers. Et s’il fallait trouver une manière de voir savoir si l’on est vieux c’est en comptant nos déjà-vu. La lassitude en général prouve la vieillesse qui avance. Nous pouvons nous permettre de faire une exception des adolescents qui semblent, par moment, être extrêmement las mais je ne crois pas qui leur faille tenir rigueur.

    Ce qui est sournois, cependant, est que lorsque vous vous faites réellement vieux, il vous est plus aisé de tromper la lassitude avec la sagesse.

    En résumé, il semblerait que celui qui n’est jamais las ; n’est jamais vieux.

    Cependant malgré ce qu’à dit ce brave Claude, je ne crois pas que ce soit « toi et moi » contre celui-ci mais que l’on est seul. La confiance en un autre être humain est belle et nécessaire, mais elle n’est que très rarement complète. Qui pourrait nous blâmer ?

    L’Homme semble exceller dans la fourberie. L’astuce est intéressante et garde le cerveau en éveille, je ne vois pas vraiment qui renierai ce plaisant exercice. Mais ces jeux d’esprit font de nous des personnes indignes de confiance.

     Pour cette raison, la pratique d’une confiance qui tendrait à être aveugle envers quelqu’un est d’autant plus stressante qu’elle est dangereuse. C’est une sorte de numéro de funambule au-dessus d’un bain d’incertitude, de haine de nous-même et de doute constant.

jeudi 27 mars 2014

BLOG: Inspiration and Obstination

   Hey everyone, today I decided to give you a little bit i-of a stream of consciousness meaning private joke with my buddy from la Sorbonne there :). However I have now been writing or posting a little something everyday for 7 months on this blog and as you are probably aware, it does not always come easily. Some weeks, I had to repress the need to post more than once a day but lately, as it became an habit and it organized itself rather well.
   For those of you who would be able to read my articles in french, you might not know this but ever since I was little girl was to create and write. I never was especially good at school.

   Overall, everything I got in life, up to this point at least, comes from my obstination. Looking back there are many things I wouldn't do the same way. But there is one thing sure, all of the things I got after working my ... off and obtained in the end, I would do again. Even if now that I am, let's say it, a grown-up I realized very fast that the game that is life is you taking the extra step or the opportunity and giving all you have for it. The way things happened, life, jobs, friends, girlfriends & boyfriends... All of this, I wanted at one point and, the only thing is that everything changed but my will to do what I want to do.
   If you are young and you feel like you are being trapped in a situation, your life has many stages to come. Find the courage, which you have no matter how much buried, to make the changes or to go through. Whether you agree or not, it is true that "Dreams don't work unless you do".

mardi 25 mars 2014

BLOG: Best 20 TV Shows, my favourites

Old Faithfuls
That 70's Show
House MD.
Ally Mcbeal
Sex and The City

Fantasy & Scifi
Once Upon a Time
Doctor Who

Sleepy Hollow

The Persuaders

Non Fiction
Top Gear

lundi 24 mars 2014

BEAUTY: Spring Everyday Make Up

This look is soft and very easily achieved and might probably be the one you already go for.

I cover my entire face with the Sephora CC Cream.
If I want more coverage, I just wait a few minutes
and reapply a coat of this CC cream
 (it is very buildable without being caky).

Then using a Blush Brush from Forever 21
and the Perfect Flush Blush by Too Faced (which I call bronzer because it 
is the same shade as a luminating bronzer to me)
I apply it on my temples, cheekbone and underneath my jaw line in a "3" 
type of shape.

Using my old faithful brow pencil by Hema, I fill them up
and I brush well to give them a nice shape.

I firstly primed my lids and under-eye area 
with Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Eden.

applying Marzipan allover my lid, 
Haute chocolate on the outer edge of my eyes
& Crème Brulée in the very middle of my lid, to add volume.
My mascara of which I put up one generous coat is the 
Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara by Rimmel in Black.

I am wearing Aurora from the Tanya Burr collection

And... Tadaaah!

dimanche 23 mars 2014

BLOG: My New Collection: Skydive Runes!!!!!

I always made items for my shop but this time, I have decided to follow a theme. This summer collection is the Skydive Runes. They are a line of necklaces with stone and earthy types of pendants showing a closing pin for parachute. Such a small thing that is. The small thing which keeps it altogether and inside. I hope you will like the collection. I started by posting 9 of them on Etsy. If you like them, then there will be more and diverse ones.
1: Oval Deep Purple Necklace #Fun Runes#
2: Square Deep Purple Necklace #Fun Runes#
Square Blue Water Necklace #Fun Runes#
I you know anyone with a passion or who simply likes skydive, this is the gift for them. Though it might look odd to an outsider, the closing pin for anyone who ever folded a parachute is a very important piece and quite a piece of work as well when you come to the end of your folding process.
Oval Golden Necklace #Stone Runes#
Square red & Rust Necklace #Stone Runes#
1: Oval Taupe Necklace #Stone Runes#
2: Oval Clay Necklace #Stone Runes#
The collection is around two types of pendants. The "stones" and the "funs".
The "stones" are made with a hard ceramic and the "funs", with polymer clay. The necklaces themselves are either natural organic cotton threads held together with metallic clasps or fabric covered wires, chains or leather thread.
Diamond Taupe Necklace #Stone Runes#
Ultimate Darkness Necklace #Stone Runes#
Hope you enjoy my work.