mercredi 12 février 2014

PERFUME: What for my Valentine or Myself?

We got it, Valentine's Day is around the corner but whether it is something you are into or not, many perfume sellers tend to make friendly prices. As you know, I love my fragrances and I got this from my mum therefore I am quite certain that it is a "thing" that is here to stay. However, I was walking around today and ended up in a Sephora (for a change). Of all the fragrances, I picked 6 which are both lovely to look at (yes, it is important seeing the amount of money you put into perfumes) & which have a nice scent and I am considering the entire panel they cover not just the primary notes. I personally own only two of those but I won't lie: there is a very good chance, next time I go around Feel Unique or Sephora, one of the others will be my purchase.
I will start by talking about the two new fragrances of my picks:
Firstly, La Tentation De Nina which the best "gift" if you were hesitating with a box of candy or chocolate. This fragrance comes from the alliance of Nina Ricci and the french patisserie house of La Durée, better known for their infamous macarons. So, as you might have guessed it smells a little bit like macaron but not only. It also has a lemony, raspberry and rose like undertone to it. For the bottle, it is lovely and also a renewal of the original Nina's bottles taking over the myth of the forbidden apple and Snow White because Nina Ricci always incorporates a fairytale dimension to hers campaigns. 
Then onto Blooming Bouquet, the brand new, spring fragrance of Miss Dior. I just can't seem to make an article without showing Natalie Portman. The very first time I took a whiff out of Miss Dior I have to say I thought it was an "old" scent. But it is exactly what makes Miss Dior and this edition, Blooming Bouquet, as well a special fragrance and a perfume that is "classic". In general, I feel like the scent that seems ancient and that is often referred to as a "grandma" smell is the rose. No matter how much we like or dislike it, rose is a classic and it also is a fragrance that we easily recognize through many different nuances. Blooming Bouquet is a fresh and floral spring scent that adapts to anyone really because it is classic.
Now, we dig into the scent that proved they were good because they are stil available... I will start with Repetto first perfume because though it was not out just this year, it has only been around for a year and it is a bit of a different type of scent. Repetto is the famous shoemaker to whom dancers get their pointe shoes. This scent is like a dancer, effortless but makes you "look" perfect and professional. It is both fruity and floral, perfect for a creative person who would want to look "serious".
Since it first came out, I have always enjoy smelling it and compare to all of the scent I tend to enjoy the main difference is that there is no fruity notes what so ever in it. This means, Catch... me by Cacharel is perfect for spring or summer. Cacharel is an adept brand of floral and herbal scent. is a playful fragrance in which amber and almond gives more body to this scent as a soft undertone. The bottle is a thing of beauty and really has a bubbly and fun style.
Trésor Midnight by Lancôme is the favorite perfume from a very good friend of mine and I, myself, got this perfume when it first came out because of its scent of black current and rose. It is a girly and seductive scent which explains why the image of the scent was taken over by Emma Watson. This type of perfume makes you turn around to see whom ever is wearing it more then give power to that person. The bottle is, on the other hand, grown up and elegant.
I literally love Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Nothing much more to be said about it. It is timeless, fresh and floral. I started my Chanel days with Allure when I was 15. Though many might tell me it was a mature scent, I relied on it for its strength and it maid me feel good. It's is only two years later that I gave into Coco Mademoiselle. Chanel just manages to create very elaborate scent both citrusy and floral which make you feel fresh and powerful at the same time. The base notes of this perfume are very warm which makes it fresh when you apply it and comforting during the day, while wearing it. It is side by side with Miss Dior, a pure classic fragrance.

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