mercredi 19 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Camp Takota

Let's start off by being honest: THIS is a chick flick. Yes, it is fun and some of the jokes (many of them) are poop jokes but overall, it is a full on feel good movie about love and friends. I felt like going to camp, loving nature, switching of my computer & phone... Friends and people around you are the best! this is the major message and it really cheers you up!
So ,if you don't feel up for it, don't bother. As usual on my "Movie Night!", my so called review is simply that I really enjoyed this movie and to be completely honest I wasn't a hundred percent sure at the start of the movie. When I see Grace on the screen, it takes me forever to detach the idea of her on her channel and the character but once I managed, I really enjoyed my time with her and her friends.
When you are always on YouTUBE like I am, if you are not filming, editing or uploading yourself , you are checking out the best YouTUBE can give and Grace, Hannah and Mamrie are pretty up there.
This movie is available on and, though they definitely don't need my help I am putting it here as well, for you to find it easily. 

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