vendredi 7 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! August: Osage County

To answer the very first question: yes! I think Meryl Streep definitely deserves an oscar for her performance in that movie.
I was anticipating that movie a lot since I saw the first trailer. For odd reasons, I feel like many productions of plays adaptations do not make it to the european screens and it really is a shame. This movie reminded me of Tenessee Williams and Billie Letts ( her sun wrote this play) works. It might seem weird of me to put them down as equals but they do both have a tremendous way of transcribing stories about people and families in the "middle" of the United States. The movies that reach our costs are mostly mentioning characters from New York or California: the east or west but not the plaines.
The major difference is the loneliness and the fact that you have to face your problems and nothing stays hidden for long.
This movie depicts the story of three sisters coming back home when their father is gone missing. They all have their difficulties in life and though they each took a very different path, they are strong and decisions makers. 
The mother is troubled and altering her own jugement with pills she gets for pain due to her mouth cancer. Life is neither all white or black nor are people. Every character in the movie has his own way to deal with things but though they don't arrive to the same conclusions, the Weston sisters have one common trait: they know what they what and make it happen. Except that, during the movie, you can see each of their "life" plans fall apart.

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