samedi 15 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! American Hustle

Last time, I went to the movies I saw American Hustle. Oddly, I first really wanted to see that movie when the trailer came out. But all of the fuss around it, the success and the oscars craze maid it tiresome. Basically, I was in the perfect mind set when I finally entered the screening that night.
First good point: You feel like you are watching a movie from the seventies regarding the set and way the film but the acting is more subtle, the way it is nowadays.
Second thing is the funny dramatic dimension, this story has. You laugh more than you feel sad for the characters in this movie. But it is definitely not all funny and big jokes. The plot is actually thick and we are watching people with flaws and twisted lives, which is logical, seeing they end up having to be con artists.

Another very nice touch in this movie, is the details  brought to the composition of every single character. It is not really the story of one main character but more the one of several people linked for different reasons and who are fighting their way through life.

Contrary to many people, I had not been swept off my feet by Jennifer Lawrence's acting quite yet. But with this part, I am joining the bandwagon and love the little lady for the comic dimension she adds to this movie. She is so oblivious and always finds explanation so twisted to declare she is right, it is hilarious.

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