vendredi 21 février 2014

HOME: My Perfect Little "Lantern"

If you live in the city but feel like your home should also be a little bit like a cocoon, you might enjoy my ideal apartment.
Perfect atelier like desk to put all of my craft and folders.
All of this would be perfected with this lovely dusky pink comfy chair.
A little bar would be cool to get some friends over.
This one turns into a big suitcase shape or single table.
Nice pieces with a good personality for the living room.
To read, nap and hang out, within different style: this would look like me.
This little table would have some little boxes and mugs for make up
and some palettes on it. The library is a dream of mine. The bottom drawers
would be for some small things, folders and objects. The rest would be field
with books. And the dining table would have this "garden table" feel to it
so that you don't feel too far from nature.
If my place was in the city, I would very much enjoy it for the proximity
with trains and shops but my interior would need to be
 soft and shabby chic, so that I can relax away from people.

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