jeudi 27 février 2014

FOOD: Small Treats Make You Understand Gastronomy

Thinking about it

I tend to write without thinking. When I do write an article, I give it thoughts and research but mostly, for random blog post, I give you whatever goes through my brain at any given time. 
today is a Sugarplum writing day. Check the place out, here:
This means I have to give you my opinion on today's Rice Krispy Cake. Brilliant, as always. Many of my american friends tell me how odd it is that I were to enjoy such a small and common treat.
Think about it but I feel you should like small treats from foreign countries. Many of the customers, at the Bistro I work for, are tourists and ask me for the most french dish of the card.
To be honest as this is a bar à vins and classic bistrot, most of the menu, if not all of it, is the "frenchest" it can get.
But to be honest, for your first time in Paris; if you go to a patissier boulanger which happens to do Salon de thé, ask for a croissant or an éclair, you really are up for a french trip.

P.S: THE boyfriend did remind me that Foie Gras is fairly difficult to find in the US and outside France so This, I would definitely advice you to get.

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