jeudi 13 février 2014

BLOG: Where I have been (among other places)

I always want to travel and go away but today I stopped for  a second and took a look at some (I wont show you all) of the places I have been during these past 10 years or so... I have been many places and for the ones you see here always had the best of times.
Paris, I have been going around its streets all of my life
 and no matter where I end up, it will always be
somewhere familiar and comforting. It is where I "studied"
art at the modern art museum Pompidou, where I went to
University, La Sorbonne and where I had my first jobs.
The USA, I first went over there in 2002 and 8 times since then.
My very first time, my family and I went to Hawaii (O'ahu) then
San Francisco from where we drove to Los Angeles.
After that we went several times to the South West
and the Great Plaines. It is a wonderful country
 with so many different landscapes and people.
After this first time going to the USA,
I went back and I loved it.
My family specialized in road trips so that we can see as many things
 as possible in shortest amount of time possible. This is by that time,
that I realized I loved National Parks. I love nature so that should
have been quite obvious.
I went twice to Germany. The first time was to visit
 a pen pal in Sachsenberg, a small town next to Kassel,
in the middle of the country. But one of my favorite memories were maid
when I went to Bavaria with school. We followed the Romantishe Strasse 
and it really was like walking amongst a dream or a fairytale. 
I am very thankful for the teacher who organized this trip. Every place
we saw was amazing and remained in my mind.
Once again, Greece has been engraved in my brain by trips with school.
I went there twice and once again, the second was slightly better.
This is probably due to the fact that I was older and that I remember it well.
If you have never been, those big spaces field with history make you feel
small and part of a larger scheme. It is mesmerizing.
Contrary to many people, I did not visit London when
I first went to England. It was a school trip.
We were assigned to several families by two or three. One of the family
did not show up and as ours was very nice, they ended up taking care of
six of us in their small house while planning a wedding... It does not get
more "total immersion" than that.
However, we did make it to Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Hartfield
before taking back the ferry all of this in the very same bus
which had left the school in first place.
The very same people who showed me how wonderful Greece was were
also the ones showing me around Italy and I loved it just the same.
It was warm and sunny. And I felt like Rome reminded me of Paris somehow
The History, of course, makes it older but overall it was similar and amazing.
Sometimes, you do not need to go very far to see wonderful things and
the kings castles in France are often a beautiful way to walk around
history and wonders. With my best friend, we spent 3 days
 walking around Chenonceau, my favorite Loire's castle and, to all
ones who asked how you can spend this long for just one castle,
the parks and the castle are simply lovely to walk through. And
I think the same applies to Versailles castle especially because it is
really different atmospheres and areas next to each other.
Of all of my going around the "world", though I loved going down South
of France in Montauban, Aix, Gap... My favorite times with "friends"
are the two times I went to London with my best friend.
 Even with my bag and basically all of my belongings stollen,
we managed to have so much fun because, as we often do,
we just plan to go somewhere together: no time limit, no specific plan.
A map and some money in our bags and we are of to the adventure.
Can wait to go on the rest of my adventures...

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