lundi 10 février 2014


My camera to vlog with is this waterproof
Kodak Playsport. After seeing how beautiful
the recording of Crater lake National Park was,
I officially declare this one to be an awesome
camera when you like travel like I do.
The very same accent than Natalie Portman is the one I
had growing up. I even remember a english teacher noticing
a ressemblance. That is happens if you learn a language
through movies.
A very nice brand new fragrance by Desigual.
One of three, "fun", "love" & "sex", this one
is powdery and subtle. I give as many thumbs
up as I have thumbs.
My Favorite Vlog Channels on YouTUBE

The Saccone Joly: Jonathan, Emilia & Anna.
The Schuerman family from Theschuermanshow:
Jay, Samantha, Phoenix & Lily.

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