samedi 8 février 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #7

These past few weeks, my Pinterest has been field with memories and dreams...
The dream garden for summer. When you live in Paris,
anything having to do with sun and nature at the end of the day
is the dream. Add a little movie and I am just delighted.
Watching one of my favorite movies this week,
The Parent Trap, I had to pleasure to see
 once more the beautiful Natasha Richardson in a
wonderful role and the best clothes and style ever.
Desperately Seeking Susan and eating cheese puffs.
These are simply to place into hot water... Yes!
A little memento reminding me of the time I was
in Italy, Corsica and the Greek islands...
There is something wonderful about those beautiful
houses, all hanging off the edge of the mountain.
Simply beautiful pieces of jewellery.
Snapshot Marilyn?
Lovely purple succulentes piercing through cement.
You won't get rid of nature that easily.
A need to go floating away on the big lakes.

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