dimanche 9 février 2014

BLOG: Enjoy Life

I haven't written a little dairy note for a while so I thought today was as good as any. What about that life? I have been running through for 22 good years and there is no denying that, basically since I started working, I have had a bit of a break.
   When you are a kid you think life is going to go "according" to plan and, I don't know about you but, the only fear I used to have was my parents deaths. Today, to be honest, I lead a fairly sweet life. I would love to actually have a good job I would love and make money but I don't complain because I know dreams don't work until you do.
   When you are a kid, you think of the present. It's quite rare to bump into a 7 year old depressed about the state of the world or his life. If he is depressed, it will be about the present and he will have the presence of mind to forget about it. I hope I am not screaming in the void when I say that overthinking is a real problem for some of us. And I can assure you, you can be overthinking even if you are not bored. Even if you have things to do, day in and day out, you can be overthinking, keeping you awake at night.
   People before us always aspired to better times, modern times - How is it we aspire to elder times?
Basically, what I wanted to tell you today is: chill out, be efficient and be happy because the only person who can make your life happy is you. Make today the best day ever.

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