samedi 22 février 2014

BEAUTY: Working Out, Short but Sweet

Doing sports all day round.

  • Work out but adapt which ever routine you pick to your own rhythm and intensify your work out progressively. 
  • Sports sessions build up endorphines and are followed by sooth scents and relaxation... It basically makes you feel good.
In the Morning
  • You can aim at your extra kilos and your lack of sleep. In between 6 and 8 a.m. is the time when we have the largest amount of the hormone which generates stress. This will make you use the sugar in your body.
In the Afternoon
  • It helps your internal clock to be on time, if you practice sports in the afternoon. This way your body will be aware of the time periods when you need to be awake or when you should be sleeping.
In the Evening
  • These work out sessions are to cool of. Up to 7 p.m., you can practice a fairly intense sport but after that, prefer doing yoga or stretching. Don't underestimate those, when you stress out all day, they are a great way to relax your muscles. Don't over do it too much though, by thinking it is okay for your body or, I can tell you, the next morning will be painful.

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