dimanche 2 février 2014

BEAUTY: Natalie & Scarlett

Both actresses are big allover the globe. They are role models as much for their behaviours for the youngest and their style for women. Very different and very alike, how does all this work?
Natalie's Style 
The New Audrey Hepburn
I have been following this little woman's carrier since I saw her in her first movie Léon (The Professional). And now that she is an accomplished actress with a great panel of characters and styles, she seems, to me, to be a very good icon. Natural and simple. And though I feel like some of the pictures from the Dior make up campaign makes her look like anyone but herself, she truly is an awesome role model when it comes to "no make up" make up beauty. She also is a good example that, if you put the right food in your body, it shines through. If you did not know, she is a vegan. I am not saying you need to be one to be pretty but as she says herself:" Just because you're becoming a vegan doesn't mean you have to stop being cool." 
However, though this might get me some haters, do not become a vegan to be cool either but if you do, do it just because you have your reasons and you want to. To me, and I am not the first to say it, she is the new Audrey Hepburn: pretty, smart, hard working and with a definite sense of style.

Her make up is concentrated on the eyes and impeccable skin with rosy cheeks.
For the clothes, never too extravagant, always sticking to the classics and modern feminine sort of gowns and coats. Her serious in life can be felt through her way of dressing herself.
And we learned with the Boleyn sisters that they are not so different.
Scarlett's Style 
The New Marilyn Monroe
From The Horse Whisperer to Lost in Translation, we might have thought and believed in a nature girl. The same sort of appearance and vibe came from her voice on her album. However, Scarlett Johansson is all about the too much and pin-up girl look nowadays. She is very much vamp like and I feel like it makes complete sense that she is the current face of Dolce & Gabbana. There is something vintage, loud and Marilynesque about her style today. When you look at her style, she is playing with the codes of a a retro look which has been brought back to fashion by Dita Von Teese and Lana Del Rey.
She is curvy and her round figure is a bit different to many women out there, on magasines covers, except for Jennifer Lawrence who is starting to be every woman's favorite "normal" girl. She has a waist defined by both a well shaped bust and bottom. And as I personally am a normal girl with shapes and a little chubby, I am glad one of the prettiest girl around is Scarlett Johansson and no more Kate Moss.
Her make up is  a flawless foundation, eye liner for a cat eye and bold red lips or at least well shaped ones.
For the clothes, she often goes for vintage modern lately in a "Veronica Lake" style or a lay back style more rarely.

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