jeudi 6 février 2014

BEAUTY: First Aid Tips, What You Should Know

  • If you are not so good with under-eye skincare or old classic recipes (cold tea spoons for a minutes on your closed eyes to get rid of the puffiness in the morning), under eye concealer is your best friend and will hide any trace of the night before.
  • Overall, the look which will always turn you into more of a stunner is eyeliner and more precisely, a beautiful cat eye. It is easy because it is fairly thick. Plus, if you pick up a black eye pencil liner, it is the easiest of looks.
  • Short hair or a nicely structured mid-length is definitely your allie at work. When you have long hair, the most professional way to go would be a fit and tight bun like a ballet dancer but it might be tricky to keep in place and impeccable throughout the day.

  • No-make up make up when it comes to foundation is brilliant and efficient. Either choose a light coverage foundation and build it up or, though it might take a little bit more practice and time, buff into your skin a medium to full coverage foundation. This way, you will use your products for a longer period of time.
  • Make sure to brush and draw your eyebrows. Whether you go for a subtle brow or a full-on one, you need to dictate its appearance and tame it.
  • Highlight the highest point of your face with a luminous powder. If you feel like highlighter could be to intense to start with. pick a luminous foundation powder (with shimmers) to achieve a style with a bit more dewiness.

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