vendredi 28 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Leon The Professional

Here it comes. My favorite movie. The one I could watch over and over again. Obviously, anything I will write won't probably a good transcription of my impression of it. I first saw this movie more than 12 years ago. I was a fan of Luc Besson's movies and I enjoyed Jean Reno very much. I expected violence but when you are a girl seeing a film with a character like Mathilda is very inspiring. 
Leon is a "professional", a killer. The character is very close to a "cleaner" named Victor who appeared in a previous movie, four years earlier, Nikita.
This killer (in The Professional) leads a very peaceful and empty life when he isn't getting rid of whom ever the italian mob wants to see disappear. The family leaving next door to him gets killed except for a young girl, Mathilda, who was grocery shopping at the time. Coming back when the killers, led by Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman) are still there, she goes straight to her neighbour, Leon. He takes her in and she fast understand he doesn't have classic routine, a bit like an autiste, neither does he have a classic job. As she reveals to be a natural, she is going to  ask him to train her so that she could kill whomever murdered her family.
It has violence, action, tenderness and feelings. It is brilliant.

jeudi 27 février 2014

FOOD: Small Treats Make You Understand Gastronomy

Thinking about it

I tend to write without thinking. When I do write an article, I give it thoughts and research but mostly, for random blog post, I give you whatever goes through my brain at any given time. 
today is a Sugarplum writing day. Check the place out, here:
This means I have to give you my opinion on today's Rice Krispy Cake. Brilliant, as always. Many of my american friends tell me how odd it is that I were to enjoy such a small and common treat.
Think about it but I feel you should like small treats from foreign countries. Many of the customers, at the Bistro I work for, are tourists and ask me for the most french dish of the card.
To be honest as this is a bar à vins and classic bistrot, most of the menu, if not all of it, is the "frenchest" it can get.
But to be honest, for your first time in Paris; if you go to a patissier boulanger which happens to do Salon de thé, ask for a croissant or an éclair, you really are up for a french trip.

P.S: THE boyfriend did remind me that Foie Gras is fairly difficult to find in the US and outside France so This, I would definitely advice you to get.

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mercredi 26 février 2014

BLOG: The Girl Power TAG

What does girl power mean to you?
     It means not caring what people think. It means being yourself and not having to prove to anyone that you need to ressemble any man. However, if anyone should struggle with that; It means to manage in this world of men to make your dreams come true.

What is the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?
    Don't be a man. Be the best woman you could ever be. Have the strength of your opinions and don't be afraid to be wrong once in a while. Do not ever let yourself be defined by anybody else and always do things as if you were setting an example. Take the time to try not to ever do anything you might regret.

If you could have a super power what would it be and how would you use it?
    Make everyone happy so that they become the best versions of themselves and have that power working on me as well.

Why is it important to have power girls as role models?
    These ladies give us an example something to get inspired by. Even unconsciously, they make believe in the possibilities offered to us or that we can fight and work for. Once more, dreams don't work unless you do.

mardi 25 février 2014

READ: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
by Robert M. Pirsig

It is a most remarquable book.
I was walking along the Boulevard Saint Michel without a real purpose. Nothing else to do with my day but walking around. I, then, arrived at the level of Boulinier, a second hand book shop with very good price and, more importantly, plenty of books to go around.

As I was flipping through them, I found this small one. It was a bit old, wrinkled and its previous owner, though very careful with it, was a smoker. This always leaves a peculiar scent to the book and, even if I don't smokes, it brings back the memory of my uncle whom I had just lost. It is a reason not better or worse than another to buy a book. I took out the 20 cents, it was worth and left.
At the time, I was living in the suburbs and I had to take a metro to commute back there. I took the little book out of my bag as soon as I arrived in the train and I did not see the time go by.

It is a witty book playing around as the autobiography of a man traveling along the Sturgess road across the United States of America. He is trying to share the beauty and his memories with a son who is not really paying much attention. Though they are travelling with a couple of friends, the narrator is the only one to be treating his bike as his own thing, which he can fix and learns to fix on the way as well.
When he tells us how all of these things work and happen, he gives us a good overview of Phedre and his own interpretation of this work.
It is like reading an entertaining and soothing road trip whilst learning a bit more about philosophy and way of thinking.

lundi 24 février 2014

FRENCH: Pour les yeux de Roméo

Combien de fois peut-on adapté une pièce sans que celle-ci ne perde son essence première? Rien est certain mais si le cinéma est le théâtre d’aujourd’hui alors attendez-vous à encore voir des pièces adaptées et réadaptées. Le seul regret que je pourrais exprimer est celui de ne pas voir une plus grande variété de pièces. Au lieu de cela, les sempiternels mots de Shakespeare s’empilent comme des malpropres sur la toile, renouvelés maladroitement les rendant gauches et leurs volant sans un regret leurs sens profonds. 
Je vous le concède j’adore Shakespeare. Fichtre, cela sonne d’un pédant! M'enfin c’est tout de même vrai, dés que j’ai posé les doigts sur l’intégrale de ces textes, je ne l’ai pas lachée. Je ne suis pas certaine lorsqu’il s’agit des pièces historiques mais le “bon mot” est quand même quelque chose difficile à trouver. Mais Rostand, Marlowe, Sophocles, Beaumarchais, Molière… même Racine, donnez nous en!

dimanche 23 février 2014

FASHION: Selection Bohemian

Here are my picks for this hippie/bohemian trend which I love so much for Spring and Summer.
Simple material, colorful and flowy...

samedi 22 février 2014

BEAUTY: Working Out, Short but Sweet

Doing sports all day round.

  • Work out but adapt which ever routine you pick to your own rhythm and intensify your work out progressively. 
  • Sports sessions build up endorphines and are followed by sooth scents and relaxation... It basically makes you feel good.
In the Morning
  • You can aim at your extra kilos and your lack of sleep. In between 6 and 8 a.m. is the time when we have the largest amount of the hormone which generates stress. This will make you use the sugar in your body.
In the Afternoon
  • It helps your internal clock to be on time, if you practice sports in the afternoon. This way your body will be aware of the time periods when you need to be awake or when you should be sleeping.
In the Evening
  • These work out sessions are to cool of. Up to 7 p.m., you can practice a fairly intense sport but after that, prefer doing yoga or stretching. Don't underestimate those, when you stress out all day, they are a great way to relax your muscles. Don't over do it too much though, by thinking it is okay for your body or, I can tell you, the next morning will be painful.

vendredi 21 février 2014

HOME: My Perfect Little "Lantern"

If you live in the city but feel like your home should also be a little bit like a cocoon, you might enjoy my ideal apartment.
Perfect atelier like desk to put all of my craft and folders.
All of this would be perfected with this lovely dusky pink comfy chair.
A little bar would be cool to get some friends over.
This one turns into a big suitcase shape or single table.
Nice pieces with a good personality for the living room.
To read, nap and hang out, within different style: this would look like me.
This little table would have some little boxes and mugs for make up
and some palettes on it. The library is a dream of mine. The bottom drawers
would be for some small things, folders and objects. The rest would be field
with books. And the dining table would have this "garden table" feel to it
so that you don't feel too far from nature.
If my place was in the city, I would very much enjoy it for the proximity
with trains and shops but my interior would need to be
 soft and shabby chic, so that I can relax away from people.

jeudi 20 février 2014

BLOG & READ: First Order Feel Unique, Patricia Cornwell and Rivers of London

Hi everyone,

Feel Unique

I love to give you a little chit chat but I simply don't always have the occasion. Let's start with something silly that managed to put me in the worst of moods this morning. I woke up fairly early to go to the post office. My very first order on Feel Unique was waiting for me. For those of you who wouldn't know, Feel Unique is a type of Sephora online shop on which, when you live in France, you can manage to find very good british products or high end brands. I had only heard good things about it and when I saw Tanya Burr's products on there, I was very happy. 
However, though the man at the post office gave it to me without telling me about it, I found a huge bill for customs... It really is a good thing I had a coupon and the delivery was for free, the customs are about half the price of my order. I don't really blame anybody but Feel Unique gave all of the infos for France delivery without mentioning this tiny bitty extra cost which makes me feel a bit deceived. I just felt like warning you of it because I never had this sort of problems with any other websites, even when I get things from overseas through,, ThinkGeek or Etsy.
However, I am happy it finally maid it to my place. I will probably give you a little haul/review video to tell you about the things I received.

Rivers Of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Thanks to all of my "trips" to work and back, I finally finished Rivers Of London by Ben Aaronovitch. To be honest and, as I said in previous videos, I have mixed feelings when it comes to this book. I feel like it is one of those books you kind of need to be in a certain state of mind to enjoy or you just need to really put yourself into it. Rivers of London is the first of a series of books about Peter Grant and his apprenticeship as a wizard. In this one, he meets several gods and mythical creatures through the process of unveiling a killer. There are many characters and quite a bit of action. 
To all of you, out there, who would enjoy fantasy novels, magic and crime, this is a book for you. I overall, really enjoyed it and it was oddly refreshing. It wasn't a given due to all of the magic-like and crime and thrillers on the market. This book is really good and now on to Moon Over Soho...

Portrait Of A Killer by Patricia Cornwell

But I decided to grab Patricia Cornwell's Portrait of a Killer before continuing with Peter's adventures. I bought it quite a long time ago. It was probably right after seeing "From Hell", which I enjoyed very much. I, obviously, would advice caution while watching this movie. You have have to be at least over 16 to me, to both understand fully and "enjoy" the story. I don't feel like I need to justify it more than by saying that it has to do with Jack The Ripper. In Portrait Of A Killer, we are reading a thorough study of this historical figure and serial killer. Every little detail is look at carefully and it makes for an exciting read.

mercredi 19 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Camp Takota

Let's start off by being honest: THIS is a chick flick. Yes, it is fun and some of the jokes (many of them) are poop jokes but overall, it is a full on feel good movie about love and friends. I felt like going to camp, loving nature, switching of my computer & phone... Friends and people around you are the best! this is the major message and it really cheers you up!
So ,if you don't feel up for it, don't bother. As usual on my "Movie Night!", my so called review is simply that I really enjoyed this movie and to be completely honest I wasn't a hundred percent sure at the start of the movie. When I see Grace on the screen, it takes me forever to detach the idea of her on her channel and the character but once I managed, I really enjoyed my time with her and her friends.
When you are always on YouTUBE like I am, if you are not filming, editing or uploading yourself , you are checking out the best YouTUBE can give and Grace, Hannah and Mamrie are pretty up there.
This movie is available on and, though they definitely don't need my help I am putting it here as well, for you to find it easily. 

mardi 18 février 2014

BLOG: Psoriasis, My Story & Little Tips Which Helped

Psoriasis is a real problem and no matter how much I enjoy talking about fun and light subjects, sometimes I think it is important to talk about the things less enjoyable but with which I could help.

lundi 17 février 2014

FRENCH: Et si tu te taisais juste pour voir ?

Je suis une professionnelle de la parlotte. J'inonde les gens des paroles souvent insipides et après j'ai la volonté de me taire jusqu'à la fin des temps. Je suis malheureusement entourée de personnes qui ne sont pas des plus laucasses. Ou bien même, il le sont mais ne le sont pas avec moi car, par définition, je parlerai trop à leur goût. Cette situation est très souvent compliqué et à le don de mettre tout le monde mal à l'aise.
Je me conforte dans l'idée que je ne suis pas la seule dans cet état. Mais je pense que le problème commence quand je ne me supporte pas moi-même. Le contrôle que j'ai sur mon débit est mal calibré et je me retrouve aphone une journée entière et déblatérante le lendemain. Le pire dans tout ça c'est l'effet que ce régime à sur mon humeur. Je parle parce que je suis heureuse et lorsque je me filtre trop, je ne le suis plus et j'ai un mal de vivre qui me suit.

dimanche 16 février 2014

BEAUTY: Haul: Latest Finds... Still Fighting Back The Cold

Sephora & Pharmacie
The Spiced Apple collection by the
Scottish Fine Soaps Company.
Soothing Hydrating Serum by Avène.
Sephora New CC Cream, The Artist's IT by Sephora
 and the Artist's IT blush.
Makeup Forever Kit Pro Secret,
Vanilla Sephora Eau de toilette & 2 Fizzing Cubes.

More Winter Treats From L'Occitane
Almond Delicious Hands Hand cream &
Subtle Violet Lip Balm by L'Occitane.

samedi 15 février 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! American Hustle

Last time, I went to the movies I saw American Hustle. Oddly, I first really wanted to see that movie when the trailer came out. But all of the fuss around it, the success and the oscars craze maid it tiresome. Basically, I was in the perfect mind set when I finally entered the screening that night.
First good point: You feel like you are watching a movie from the seventies regarding the set and way the film but the acting is more subtle, the way it is nowadays.
Second thing is the funny dramatic dimension, this story has. You laugh more than you feel sad for the characters in this movie. But it is definitely not all funny and big jokes. The plot is actually thick and we are watching people with flaws and twisted lives, which is logical, seeing they end up having to be con artists.

Another very nice touch in this movie, is the details  brought to the composition of every single character. It is not really the story of one main character but more the one of several people linked for different reasons and who are fighting their way through life.

Contrary to many people, I had not been swept off my feet by Jennifer Lawrence's acting quite yet. But with this part, I am joining the bandwagon and love the little lady for the comic dimension she adds to this movie. She is so oblivious and always finds explanation so twisted to declare she is right, it is hilarious.

vendredi 14 février 2014

BEAUTY: Homemade Skincare DIYs

Simple and very often neglected, fresh masks and skincare products are very good for you and tend to be fairly as efficient if not more than the ones you can find in shops. When you make them, you can aim at one particular problem and you can than alternate the masks to treat your skin fully.

Black Dots
1 tea spoon of honey, 2 table spoons of salt & 2 tea spoons of baking soda.
Apply in circular motion. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Stress it out
2 table spoons of coconut and 2 tea spoons of rose water.
Add these ingredients to a bath and soak for a while.

1 table spoon of honey for 2 table spoon of olive oil
The mix of the two makes for a very good moiturizer.

Honey and brown sugar.
Add those two together for a thick consistency that can be spread.
Use it to scrub your body under the shower.

Lip scrub
Vaseline or un-petroleum jelly and raw sugar.
It needs to contain the vaseline for a nourishing effect.

1 egg yolk and lemon juice.
Mix it together with a fork. When you get an homogenous mixture, 
use it as a facial.

Water, 5g of bees wax & 5 table spoons of extra virgin oil.
Place a bol into boiling water to melt the bees wax.
Once it is melted, pour in the oil an mix it to get an homogenous substance.
Once you let it seat, you get a face cream.

jeudi 13 février 2014

BLOG: Where I have been (among other places)

I always want to travel and go away but today I stopped for  a second and took a look at some (I wont show you all) of the places I have been during these past 10 years or so... I have been many places and for the ones you see here always had the best of times.
Paris, I have been going around its streets all of my life
 and no matter where I end up, it will always be
somewhere familiar and comforting. It is where I "studied"
art at the modern art museum Pompidou, where I went to
University, La Sorbonne and where I had my first jobs.
The USA, I first went over there in 2002 and 8 times since then.
My very first time, my family and I went to Hawaii (O'ahu) then
San Francisco from where we drove to Los Angeles.
After that we went several times to the South West
and the Great Plaines. It is a wonderful country
 with so many different landscapes and people.
After this first time going to the USA,
I went back and I loved it.
My family specialized in road trips so that we can see as many things
 as possible in shortest amount of time possible. This is by that time,
that I realized I loved National Parks. I love nature so that should
have been quite obvious.
I went twice to Germany. The first time was to visit
 a pen pal in Sachsenberg, a small town next to Kassel,
in the middle of the country. But one of my favorite memories were maid
when I went to Bavaria with school. We followed the Romantishe Strasse 
and it really was like walking amongst a dream or a fairytale. 
I am very thankful for the teacher who organized this trip. Every place
we saw was amazing and remained in my mind.
Once again, Greece has been engraved in my brain by trips with school.
I went there twice and once again, the second was slightly better.
This is probably due to the fact that I was older and that I remember it well.
If you have never been, those big spaces field with history make you feel
small and part of a larger scheme. It is mesmerizing.
Contrary to many people, I did not visit London when
I first went to England. It was a school trip.
We were assigned to several families by two or three. One of the family
did not show up and as ours was very nice, they ended up taking care of
six of us in their small house while planning a wedding... It does not get
more "total immersion" than that.
However, we did make it to Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Hartfield
before taking back the ferry all of this in the very same bus
which had left the school in first place.
The very same people who showed me how wonderful Greece was were
also the ones showing me around Italy and I loved it just the same.
It was warm and sunny. And I felt like Rome reminded me of Paris somehow
The History, of course, makes it older but overall it was similar and amazing.
Sometimes, you do not need to go very far to see wonderful things and
the kings castles in France are often a beautiful way to walk around
history and wonders. With my best friend, we spent 3 days
 walking around Chenonceau, my favorite Loire's castle and, to all
ones who asked how you can spend this long for just one castle,
the parks and the castle are simply lovely to walk through. And
I think the same applies to Versailles castle especially because it is
really different atmospheres and areas next to each other.
Of all of my going around the "world", though I loved going down South
of France in Montauban, Aix, Gap... My favorite times with "friends"
are the two times I went to London with my best friend.
 Even with my bag and basically all of my belongings stollen,
we managed to have so much fun because, as we often do,
we just plan to go somewhere together: no time limit, no specific plan.
A map and some money in our bags and we are of to the adventure.
Can wait to go on the rest of my adventures...