mardi 21 janvier 2014


     Writers simply don't have any ideas anymore. They could write about so many things and invent so many new stories. Of course, making something a tad innovative tends to be harder and harder.
     When our parents were young (actually even when I was young) there was not much of an internet and if you wanted to know about stories you had to read an even more significant number of books. You had to look for them and take the time to assimilate new knowledge.

     Nowadays though I have the conviction that we do not have as much of a profound knowledge of stories and events, we might know about more diverse things overall. So we end up needing more from writers and faster.
     So as the demand is increasing faster than the creation (just think of how many new movies come out at the cinema everyday and TV shows), they just twist around the classics because they know the undeniable quality and intelligence within these texts.

Let's now discuss the matter at hand: Sherlock Holmes.
The concept is to have a Private Detective nowadays with a very peculiar manner of proceeding, a extremely keen eye for detail and a very skilled deduction. These character traits are always there when it comes to any Sherlock Holmes. This is the main reason why I think that one should not preconceive any definite idea of the character. What makes Holmes a strong and interesting person is not the period or cases that he faces. He is a story on his own.
      I might get myself a fair amount of haters by saying that I do enjoy Elementary and Sherlock. Furthermore, I liked the both most recent Sherlock Holmes' movies which I found profoundly enjoyable and quite a lot of fun as blockbusters. As you might have noticed from my previous critics and point of views on the several movies I watched, I am easily pleased; However, I would like to point out that I just do not feel the need to write not even one word about films that I did not like. Some very literate and hateful people will make of it their very important duty.

      When it comes to explain why I enjoy Sherlock, I do not think I have to say much. Firstly, because it would seem, from what I have been given to see on the internet, that I am far from being the only one enjoying this show. My significant other might also be right by saying that the space of time they seem to enjoy inflicting us with, is just a smart way to keep us longing for it. And I have come to the conclusion that you might as well consider this Sherlock the way you could consider James Bonds during its glorious years: a series that people enjoy as much for the stories than for the characters. For those of you who may not yet know about Sherlock; it is a TV Show which was first aired 4 years ago and from which each season includes three fairly long episodes (90 minutes).

     Now, comes on my shoulder the weight and trickiness of an explanation of liking Elementary. Many of my friends have asked for, so I will have you know that this here might terminate some of my old friendships. Here, I will mark a pause and explain myself a little. As some of you may already know, I have a bachelor degrees in English Literature and Civilisation and I met many of my friends at University.
     This just implies I like the original Sherlock Holmes. I understand what makes these novels classics and mainly timeless. All of this, is theory and as many of you know I hope, the space in between theory and practice is humongous. Plus, may I add, I have understood very soon in my life that, if you enjoy a book or even a story, NEVER think about the original when reading or watching a new version of it.

     So let me tell you that, Elementary is a very good, witty and sometimes funny show. The show was  first aired two years ago and is now at its second season, 24 episodes (of circa 45 minutes) per seasons.I like Lucy Liu but I think Jonny Lee Miller is the real deal. And it is a bit ironic to see him play a former heroin addict, knowing he starred in Trainspotting. It also goes to show this odd relationship between Holmes and Watson seems to remain the exact same whether John is a man or Joan is a woman. Both character need the other and, though the "dependance" Holmes has of Watson in this version is quite literal, it shows the need he has of her or him.

     The major problem people have had with this show is probably the american point of view. To be honest, I would have been disturb if, within this plot, they would have chosen an American to play the part of Holmes. And I insist on this "plot" because somehow my brain had no problem what so ever with seeing an American, Robert Downey Jr, playing Holmes and plenty of British surrounding him especially, Jude Law, playing Watson.

     However, my point is, and I do have one, I enjoy both these shows and highly recommend them. They have different qualities, input, ideas and concepts. But I think the main factor which make them enjoyable is Sherlock Holmes and his odd view of the world.

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