dimanche 26 janvier 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Austenland

By now, you have understood that, though I enjoy my action movies and thrillers, I love a good Romance and Jane Austen themed films. There is something simple and comforting in Austen ideology and it is very clearly mentioned in this movie.
     I had read the book before seeing this and it was also the case with all Jane Austen Novels. As I already said on my previous post about Austen's works and inspired ones, nowadays readers and watchers will enjoy the new versions of the works and adaptations because of the proximity in between people.
     This movie does a great job at separating what is nice and beautiful within Jane Austen's work and that women can aspire to and the fact that what she describes accurately as the women's life at the time was mainly dull and uneventful.
     As an aficionado of the BBC's versions of Austen's literature, I was happy to see JJ Field playing Henry Nobley in Austenland after liking him so much as Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey. It is often considered as the oddest and most different novel from the writer and it makes it even more peculiar because just like in Austenland, Northanger Abbey is all about making the difference in between reality and fiction.
     This film tells the story of Jane who is a long time fan of Jane Austen's work, and spends all of her savings in a trip to Austenland, a place where everything is accorded to Austen's works and with the promesse of true love. From then onwards the pretend, which is obvious at the start, slowly fades away.
     If you enjoy romantic comedies and Jane Austen's characters, this is a treat.

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