samedi 25 janvier 2014

FOOD in Paris: The Great Canadian Pub

Once more today, I am bringing you to a place I enjoy to go to in Paris but which is definitely not for those of you out there on the look out for a french bistrot or croissants. 

The Great Canadian is in a very beautiful spot along the quais de Seine, more specifically on the Quai Des Grands Augustins, facing the Ile De La Cité and Notre-Dame. 

If you were searching for a place to drink at in the evening with friends, it is very nice. I do have to say here that it is a sports bar so if you don't feel attracted to this just be aware of that. To me, TVs showing sports in a pub is just part of the place's personality, plus the hockey sticks playing the role of handle to the entrance door just emplie sports bar if you still had some doubts.

So obviously to follow or watch sports & hockey with a drink in hand, which might be what you would want to do, this is a great place. However, I do have to say I enjoy their food. I went several times for brunch & dinner. The food is filling and good. I never felt hungry still after eating there. 

For the Menu itself, it offers quite a large range of choices (a bit of everything) and is similar to what I got from diner menus in the US (couldn't say about Canada though, I have never been there). A canadian difference is that this one includes Poutine which I personally really like seeing that one of my favorite dish is cheese fries. It is a good thing I was born and bread in France to end up with this type of gastronomical preferences.

Their brunch is very decent and nice as well because the place is very calm (especially compared to the nights and, in particular, game nights). I would have to say I never managed to finish their "full" brunch which, to me, means that it was quite enough food.

Hope you enjoy this place and for your game nights, definitely think about it.

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