samedi 18 janvier 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #6

Those past two weeks, I was looking around at beautiful things and for charming images and ideas. That is always what happens when the year starts and the weather is dreadful. You make your own happiness. No one is going to be coming up, making it for you!

Fancy nails. They remind of designers like Chloe or Céline. Simple and sophisticate work very well together. No need to be wearing anything classy, your hands are doing the trick.

I don't know about you but I always had in a corner of my mind a house in the trees. This one is particularly beautiful. I normally imagine something a bit more closed up but in this one I just think of having a waterproof box with all the "essentials" and the rest can very well be pray to the weather.

The words of Louis Armstrong that you need at least once a month to detach yourself from some of the
things making your life miserable.

And than I thought my feet could be cheated by thinking I am a princess if I wore those... They also remind me of the sort of shoes worn by the late and most beautiful Natasha Richardson when playing in The Parent Trap as the elegant british mum that she was.

Strangely enough all of these tasks are on my weekly calendar and more. This way to put them up and to see them at all times.

If I have a house one day...
What a dangerous way to put a sentence: One day has somehow become the way to say never or maybe if I have time a little bit before that.

Of course some of you out there might think this is a tad creepy but I find them quite cute and romantic. Their little faces are a bit like the ones out of some animation movies.

The cutest and nicest image I found around Pinterest as I was looking for Tea. To be honest, I have made a folder, entitled "Coffee shop" for the simple reason that I always wanted to own a tea room field with books and the smell of bergamote and coffee. But I think it probably what Pinterest is about: your dreams and a little reality of them.

The most impressive and frightening war painted woman I ever saw. It is is magical and reminds me of a french book my parents got me when I was still very young called Grite Parmi Les Loups by Louis Mirman; about a savage little girl raised by wolves.

The perfect blooming tea flower setting.
Though, by now and at my age, there is not much more of a mystery to the technique used. But isn't it a way to stay young and "romantic" to real meaning of the word but to look at the world without asking questions and just enjoy the beauty?

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