mardi 7 janvier 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #5

Once more I am back with my favorites pictures I found around Pinterest in the space of the last two weeks or so.
Sophie Marceau in a photo shoot in 1996 with
big chunky earrings, Hermès tank top
 and an awesome smoky.
Perfect place to live: small, cosy, you have to
restrict yourself a little and I feel it is for the best.
Literally out of a fairy tale...
I was amazed to see
this picture in the "landscape"
section right on top. I was
there in July during the road trip.
Washington State.
A very nice and childlike way to display your things.
Just beautiful.
Small Danish delicacies,  I had some with a friend at the Institut Suédois
in Le Marais in Paris.
"Mmmmmmmmmh good warm cosy coffee."
This cat seems to say.

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