mercredi 1 janvier 2014

BLOG: My Wigwam or My Messy Feng Shui

Comfy Cosy

# Inspiration comes from organized mess.

I wondered for long how to organise and plan to feel the best as I could possibly be. Basically, folders and separators are the best though they can remind us of our school years.

#Drinking my water

I always have had chronicle migraines and whether some pills are available to me or not, I'd rather handle the migraine rather than relie on an external chemical element (medicine). After months of "research", I can positively state that, for my case at least, vitamin C (oranges,lemon, pure juices) and drinking my daily 2 liters of water are the right way to go.
As I often notice while spending time with friends and studying my own behavior, anything good or bad happening to my health is directly linked to my living hygiene and state of mind.

# Clear Out & Create

To create your home is an everyday job. Keeping it clean is obvious and keeping it "your own", earnest to your image and of what you would want it to be. Than obviously, there is cleaning it out and putting much thoughts into what you will get to put in it and organise it around. And I came up with a rather easy answer: If you do not need nor use it, don't have it.
In my case, diverse electronic devices for the blog, pictures and videos, pearls and ribbons for the shops' articles and books is all I need (object wise of course). I give myself a small margin to make the space I live in more of a home than a work space: my skincare and beauty products, some decorative candles, little figurines (statues) and containers and that is it.
Take the time to check what you actually need, to be to hasty, you might regret it later on. 
Give away or toss the excess and live for the sake of living and not through things.

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