samedi 4 janvier 2014

BLOG: How We Can Feel Comfortable

   Many times and many days, when seating here in front of this cold machine (depending how long it has been on for), I reflect on myself and see how much I deviated from my initial purpose. Though my grammar is the worst and my style might put you to tears, I love to write. No matter the subject though I do enjoy writing about people. Their behaviour, the way they think, the way they dress and especially the way they act towards each other.
   When my friends from the countryside do come around here and spend a little time in Paris, its streets and metro, they hate it. Of course, Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world, eclectic, sparkling, fun, different small and enormous. Paris is also extremely overwhelming and just like so many places I visited, it is friendly to occasional tourists and people living there for a fairly long time. But when you arrive in Paris and decide to stay (especially when you are not coming from an other metropole), you are spaced. People don't see people in Paris except if you, yourself, decide to go towards people but, in general, the more crowded it is, is colder it gets.

   Nowadays, I wonder how it is to be a loner. My views on this might be different if I had not lived in a city for my entire life. I still wonder. Despite my history I have problems evolving within a crowd without feeling trapped and suffocating. I wish our society would have a slower pace. It probably is the reason why Shabby Chic is a big trend lately, cosy cottage style. It is just more logical.
   Of course, you cannot always live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. That is why you can recreate it by just not being surrounded by to many objects but picking them well and creating your own cocoon. Though I have being following a little "course" at the Museum of Modern Art in my younger years, I dislike "designed" space which feel too cold and can remind you of the outside world so much. But then again, you are the one making your own house and home for yourself (and your loved ones as well). Good Luck.

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