jeudi 23 janvier 2014

BLOG: The Best Advice I Could Ever Give You

Obviously as you take the time to read those lines, I am very thankful and at times, I want to give you more than beauty reviews and tips. Beauty, to me, is something relative and that we always give a face to which is not ours.

No matter how many times you would have to read this or hear this; there is beauty in everyone and everywhere. You just have to look for it and once you have found it, it will be obvious it surrounds you.

But what I want to tell you, is that if you just seat at home all day long. If you don't lift one finger, don't think things will just magically come to you. If you want adventure, go and find it. The same applies to romance; be romantic and your couple will be the one you dream of.
Finally, if you dream your life, who is actually living it? Go out of your comfort zone, gradually at first but if you feel what you need is a wake up call: jump head first! Life is fleeting, it is not all planned and laid out but it is yours. 

You can spend a long time feeling miserable if you do not watch out. And I do not know about you but I simply don't have time to waste. I never did anything crazy in my life except for off-piste skying and skydiving but I just do not have many regrets. 

Like the next person, I hope I could have spent more time with my relatives who died but I don't dwell on the past and don't think too far ahead (though I originally was a big planner) and focus on the present why already goes by so fast. So, this,is the best advice I would give you: create your life, don't let it walk by you and it will be your greatest adventure. Let's get lost!

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