mercredi 29 janvier 2014

BLOG: Anger Management

    As you might have notice, I spend quite a long time studying and approaching the "How-to" fight off stress. But when I take a step back, I realize that some of us, including me, have anger management issues. Need no more for me to take the time and energy to do some digging and try to understand how I ended up like this and how to control it or release it.
    When it comes to the reasons, they are personal and it would just be wrong and odd to write them down here. However, when it comes to you, try to understand and maybe write them down. It might help the anger to go away, because you will see that there are other responses. To tell you the truth, in my case, it didn't work. I am fairly upset and annoyed all of the time whether I think about it or not. So now on to trying to fix the things things as much as possible.

  •     Don't think by being violent and let it all out, it will solve itself. It would seem, according to some psychologists, that it will just escalate and you will reduce yourself to this anger.
  •     My old trick is relaxation. This would seem to work well when practiced very regularly.
  •     Watch your language and try resonate with yourself, find the strength to do it, though, I can tell you, it feels very bad and repressive at the start.
  •     Give the best of yourself to solve problems and don't punish yourself or anyone if it is not solved.
  •     Treat yourself to a little bit of me time. Take some air in.
  •     Talk to others when your are feeling trapped.
Best of luck, I am still working on it.

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