dimanche 5 janvier 2014

BLOG: 20 Things & Numbers For 2013

- Got my Bachelor's Degree in English Literature & Civilisation.

- Dressed as a girl from the Roaring 20's with my own mobster.
- Took the train 9 times.

- Went to my first rodeo (in Jackson Hole).
- Jumped out of an airplane 20 times.

- Spent a month in the North West of the United States of America.

- Learnt about relaxation.

- Saw 20 movies at the cinemas.

- Flew twice in a plane overseas.

- Went to 6 different drop zones.

- Spent a lot of time with my family.

- Posted 101 videos on YouTUBE.

- Visited 10 National and State Parks.

- Created over 150 pieces of jewelry and accessorizes.

- Started to do yoga.

- Spent an entire month on a drop zone.

- Applied to over 40 jobs.

- Posted 196 articles on this blog.

- Went skying with my loved one.
- Jumped out of a plane filled with my friends on my birthday.

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