vendredi 3 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: Love Me B.Right! Skincare Set by Benefit

Love me b.right! is a box set of three of Benefit cosmetics skincare best sellers and a sample of their primer, the POREfessional. The promesse these skincare products make you is to get a smooth skin and overall lit complexion. I am a big fan of benefit make up products but this was the first time I ever got 

- The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion comes in 50.3 mL (1.7 oz.) full size.
- The Total Moisture Facial Cream is a 8.9 g (0.3 oz.) sample size.
- The It's Potent! Eye Cream comes in 14.2 g (0.5oz.) full size.
- The POREfessional is a 7.5 mL (0.25 oz.) sample size.

POREfessional is a primer which minimizes the aspect of your pores, hence the name. It isn't the first time I was trying this primer. I have had it with the "How to look the best at everything" set which I highly recommend for a nice base and foundation. The POREfessional is a good base for your make up. It also, contrary to many primers, is tinted. If you happen to have a generally good complexion you may wear this primer alone on your face as foundation. I highly recommend this product.  The full size retails for 32€.


The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is a moisturizer SPF 15 which controls your oiliness as well. Its scent can be noticed and though I find it agreeable, it does fade away once the product sinks into your skin. I fell this is a very good product and a little bit goes a long way. This emulsion retails at 32 €.

The Total Moisture Facial Cream is a moisturizing day  cream. Its scent is similar to the facial emulsion. It is not as thick as I thought it might have been and I cannot really tell the difference between this product and cheaper basic day cream. Overall, it is neither a good or a bad product to me but quite average for the money you are putting into it; the full size retails for 35€.


It's Potent! Eye Cream is their best selling eye contour care which I really looked forward to tried... I got an immediate reaction to it and it burned my eyes very hard. Though I rinsed it directly it was very painful. To be completely honest, I even tried it a second time after reading all the good reviews this product seems to get but same result thugh this time I already had the water running. This product is definitely not made for me. No matter how much I wanted to like it, I hate it. This product retails for 32 €.

Here are a couple of eye products
which do not burn my eyes

Here are all five of the Sets in this type of boxes which Benefit came out with for this Christmas. The major difference with the sets they tend to go with is that there were some full sizes. I would say that the Show me Love! set, which was the one they had most in Paris' Sephoras, is the least appealing one. The products in it are very nice but I find it odd that it only had 3 products in it.
Overall, though, these were a beautiful idea and I dearly hope they will reiterate for next Holiday season.

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