dimanche 19 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: How To Knock Out Acne

Garnier Fructis Purifying Foam along
with their soft toner that really help
 with the rehydration of the skin
once you used  the acne treatment
 Hey everyone, a week ago, with the aftermath of the Holidays, I got some major acne spots on my face. Somehow, I am not that bothered by acne when it is just seating there. However, as soon as it gets painful, it has to go away. I am using the same products for 10 years, since I first encountered acne problems. Some, like the Garnier ones or Neutrogena, are simple treatment fairly cheap and easy to find. The others from Avène are aiming more at a specific problem and tend to be more expensive but it is the price to terminate your issues with acne.

 Here I am not sponsored or anything and I just tell you about what worked for me. As usual, I just want to put it out there but if these products do not suit you though they did work for me, it is because we all have different skin types. Always check the product to see if you feel like it will be alright to use with your skin and it will help you more than damage your face.

And I am also writing about "minor" acne. The type that many women have after puberty as a result to eating a bit greasy or just because your skin feels like she wants to. If you have severe acne, the best treatment is to go see a dermatologist and get the treatment most perfectly adapted to your skin type and acne.

Garnier Exfobrosse Pureactive 
The first product I use on a regular basis, understand 2 to 3 times a week when I don't have major acne problems is the energy purifying foam by Garnier. It is a very nice solution that you shake then apply all over your face. I let it seat a little than rinse it with clear cold water. It dries out your skin and especially your imperfections. The extra it gives you is its invigorating scent of citrus. It is the reason why I highly recommend doing your morning facial wash with this product because it will wake you up.

Avène Cleanance CleansingWater
The second product I want to mention is the Exfobrosse by Garnier in their Pureactive line. This is especially made to get your skin cleaned and deeply. The product within the bottle comes out through the brush with which you draw small circles all over your face while avoiding the eye area. This is a sort of treatment that you feel working as soon as you rinse it. While you are brushing, it gets in your pores and take out the pollution and impurities. Then when you rinse it off, it feel very clean and cold (not due to the water).

Then I use a Avène Cleanance cleansing water, we are getting on the pricier side of my routine though I still feel they are still reasonable: none of these products was more than 15 euros. 
This cleansing water I use like a micellar water though I avoid, once more, the eyes. It is very fresh and does its job at getting all of the impurities at the surface of the skin.

Avène Cleanance Spot treatment
That is it for the casual and classic prevention and everyday way to deal with acne. Now, here comes the fight, the real one, that knocked out many of my face invaders.

First off, is the Spot Treatment as a pencil by Avène. This little thing just has to be applied on each spot individually and it dries them off and diminishes their aspect. 

If you however, need something a little bit stronger, Triacnéal by Avène still, is my go to product. When they say you can feel it when it works; in deed you can. It will be throbbing while it is on the spot and if you let it seat for too long, its tint of yellow will show onto your skin. But it is the most efficient bye bye to your minor acne.
Avène Triacnéal Skin Care

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