dimanche 12 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: Haircare / Fringe Question

- Haircare -
  • To get nice wavy hair, the most natural one and protective way is to braid them overnight. If your hair is thin and straight make just two loose ones, it is good enough. If your hair are thick, you can braid up to six times to get them wavier and wavier.
  • Always brush them gradually from bottom to top, it will avoid lose and breakage. 
  • Once in a while, you can use hair oils at the end of your hair after your bath or shower at night or a night cream for hair. This way, you will avoid your ends from dividing. 

- The Fringe, Should You Do It? -
My mother had a fringe all the time I was little and up to five years ago. Since then, though she grew them out, she isn't that satisfied with her hairdo. Fringe is just a style that some women go for or not. But the question seems to be is it a good trend and how does it "work".
  • Fringe is best on long and oval shaped faces because they shorten the face.
  • If you don't want your bangs to go too crazy, use a keratin treatment so that they lie flat even when you blow dry them.
  • For the perfect length: when they are very flat (wet), they should fall right below your eyebrows and be a bit longer over your temples.
  • They look good with glasses though the combo may hide your face more than frame it.
  • They can make your forehead skin break out because of your sweat due to the hair and more rashes due to the constant movement of the fringe against it.
When you grow tired of it...

      It obviously is not as much of a commitment as cutting all your hair off but it has a few awkward stages when it does grow out.
  • First, you can just turn it into side-swept bangs.
  • Then, there is an "interesting" moment when you cannot do much with it: the "in-between" stage.
  • Finally, just layer your entire hair to avoid having two very separate length of hair.

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