jeudi 9 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay

The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay from
Oz The Great & Powerful Collection
It comes with 8 shades of eye shadow, an eye pencil and a lip jumbo stick.
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay in shade Rockstar
Rockstar is a deep dark purple plum color with a very good staining
power and easy application. You can use it to line your eyes or
as a base for your make up, so that the shadows stick better.
Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Glinda
Glinda is a very glossy lip color which tends to feel a little bit sticky
right after the application of the product and which really
stains your lips with a highly pigmented dusky pink shade.
Here are the 6 eye shadows and 8 shades that you get in the palette.
Tornado is a deep luminescent purple without
being especially glittery or sparkly.
Perfect for a smoky, to use with Rockstar Glide-On Eye Pencil
as a greasy base with grip. Otherwise, just tap on your outer corner
in an outer V shape or fade it onto your lid.
Aura is a duo shade of pearly colors.
One side is a very light beige powder with pearl like shine
& the other is a very light lavender shade with the same shine.
Perfect for either, all over your lid as a luminous base or
to accentuate your inner corner and awaken your eye look.
Magic is a very girly and Barbie like pink.
Not always easy to pull of, it is perfect for up coming spring or
to get a soft edge to your look. As it is a fairly light shade,
I would use it on my lid but I would avoid to place it on my brow bone.
It is not very flattering in classic looks. But if
you are going full on 80's style then please do use this pink with
golden shine in anyway known to mankind.
Illusion is the nude shade of this palette.
 It reminds me of the shade of many light blushes or highlighters.
It is perfect to place all over your lids with
a little bit of mascara for the days when you feel like
even pencil eyeliner is to much of an effort.
Oz is a duo shade of Silver and Gold.
The gold shade is actually fairly cheer and the main
shine from it is coming from the silver specks within the pigment.
The silver one on the other hand is very strong and powerful.
I would recommend to use caution when applying it or go all in
for a party look, with it, people will have eyes only for you.
South is a taupe like shade with a fair amount of shine.
It is a little subtle in person under natural light but it
gets very shiny and shimmery under artificial light.
However it is the type of eye shadow that is self suffisant
and can be used on its on or along side with an other one or more.

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