dimanche 5 janvier 2014

BEAUTY & BLOG: My 2013 Must-haves & Current Favorites

    I have shown you and mentioned many products this year. For this blog and my videos, I ended up testing many products and playing around without many make up and skincare items. I have to say some of the formulations and products I didn't even know existed but I did try them and some maid it to this end of the year list. So thank you for reading my articles and watching my videos because it did push me into doing more research and get some more of the good stuff.
  # My first favorite on the list is not beauty related but it was a very agreeable read for the holidays: Christmas at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan. The little plus to this lovely love story/ girly story is that each chapter starts with a pastry recipe, especially christmas goodies. It is a nice book and cosy read.
 # Then comes my Sleek i-Divine palettes Au Naturel and Sparkle 2. I used the palette i-Divine au naturel for a month as much as I used to use the Naked palette by Urban Decay. Here is the article on these palettes with the swatches and close up pictures. I even love using Nubuck and Cappucino as eyebrow powder (perfect as they are mat shades).
  # The Poudre de Riz de Java by Bourjois. I only ever had mat powders which only purpose was to stop oiliness and finish up a look. This one works as a highlight as well as a powder and has a hint of baby pink in its shade. The finish is flawless and illuminating. I really highly recommend this product. My article on Bourjois I wrote right after buying the powder.
  # The O.P.I. mat top coat. I never was big into nail art effects and obviously I ended up being a bit late on the mat top coat reaction. However better late than never because it really give an other style to a manucure. It is more sophisticated and looks more polished (no pun intended). If you didn't, do give it a try.
  # Un Jardin sur le toit by Hermès is very surprising and different fragrance which tends to smell like freshly cut grass, flowers and little fruity. To be perfectly honest with you, its scent is the one you get from a garden. One of these small gardens with a bit too many flowers in spring when all of the buds open in the morning.
  # Honeymania Lip Balm by The Body Shop is very good and nourishing. I normally put it on just before going to bed so that it hydrates my lips all night long. The scent is the one of honey but definitely not sweet which is agreeable. I enjoy sweet girly fragrances as much as the next person and maybe even more but I really like when an item has a good "beauty product" scent or para-pharmaceutical one. 
  # Seattle Lip Balm I bought while waiting for my plane to decide to take off when I left the States in July. It got delayed 8 hours, so I did find the time to get some hand cream and a lip balm... It is not the best in the world, the taste reminds me of the 90's and my chewing gums of which I put too much at a time in my mouth. However, the little candide drawing of Seattle with flying umbrellas always remind me of this family road trip so it had to be in these must-haves. 
  # Cath Kidston Manucure Set came with a baby file I always carry around in my purse. A cuticule cream which is deeply hydrating and nourishes the tip of my fingers very well. A hand cream which is very thick, moisturizing and very agreeable to massage in. And my first hand scrub, hydrating and which does not hurt your hands.
  # Vanilla Perfumes are a basic for me but, for some odd reasons, I am very specific about their fragrances. Not too sweet not too old fashion, it is not because it is a scent we know very well that it does need to be carefully crafted and then carefully picked up.
  # The Almond Shower Oil by L'Occitane is my personal favorite shower oil. The texture is perfect and I enjoy the scent though I am not generally attracted by the almond one. Here is the original article for this product.
  # The Milk Concentrate by L'Occitane is my cream of the year. It makes any surface extremely smooth and elastic. I really think it is perfect. It is though very rich so a little goes a long way, no need to take too much, it is very nourishing. I already wrote my love for this product right there.

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